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Jazz Oracle BDW8019
The Original Indiana Five, Volume 1 - Recorded in New York 1923-1925
The first of four volumes by this prolific jazz band, this first volumes includes the rare Olympic recordings from 1923. Liner notes by Mike May, a dedicated OI5 researcher who has done extensive work in locating family of the band's members.

Indiana Syncopaters

Tom Morton (d) dir. Johnny Sylvester (t), Vincent Grande (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl), Newman Fier (p).
Long Island City, c. early 1923
1. 472 Bees Knees (Lopez-Lewis) La Belle 1418
2. 473-1 Sweet Lovin’ Mama (Wagner-Lockard) La Belle 1418

Original Indiana Syncopators

Unknown (bjo) added.
Long Island City, c. early 1923
3. -1 Louisville Lou (Ager and Yellen) Triangle 11268
4. -2 Slow Poke (Fagin-Gold) Triangle 11268
Note: This issue is credited to Manhattan Imperial Orchestra.

Original Indiana Five

As above; Tony Colucci (bjo).
Long Island City, c. May, 1923
5. Two Time Dan (Turk-Robinson) Triangle 11284
6. When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In (Berlin) Olympic 1443
7. -1 Bebe (Silver) Olympic 1444
8. -1 Beside A Babbling Brook (Donaldson) Olympic 1444

Benny Davis and the Indiana Syncopaters

Benny Davis (v), accompanied by the Indiana Syncopaters. This side is included as a possible OI5 item. The personnel is unknown and may not be related to the OI5.
Long Island City, c. mid 1923
9. -3 All Over Nothing At All (James Rule) La Belle 1511

Original Indiana Five

Tom Morton (d) dir. Johnny Sylvester (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as), Harry Ford (p), possibly Tony Colucci (bjo).
New New York, c. September 7, 1923
10. 70297 Stavin’ Change (Bernard) Pathe 021070
11. 70298 Mean Mean Mama (Young-Squires) Pathe 021070

New York, c. November 6, 1923
12. 70397 Tin Roof Blues (New Orleans Rhythm Kings) Perfect 14200
13. 70398 St. Louis Gal (Robinson) Perfect 14200

New York, January, 1924
14. 105053 Jubilee Blues (Abrahams) Perfect 14225
15. 105054 Back O’ Town Blues (Bowen-Herberdeaux) Perfect 14225

John Sylvester and His Orchestra

Johnny Sylvester (t) dir. Pete Pellizzi (tb), probably Nick Vitalo (cl), Harry Ford (p), possibly Tony Colucci (bjo), Tom Morton (d).
New York, c. April 4, 1924
16. 105250 Sweet Man Joe (Miley) Perfect 14267
17. 105251 Clearing House Blues (Honesty-Webb-Darvo) Perfect 14267

Note: The artist credit on this issue includes the subtitle “(Formerly Original Indiana Five)”.

Unknown (bsx) added.
New York, c. August 12, 1924
18. 105512 I Wanna Jazz Some More (Delaney) Perfect 14335
19. 105513 Temperamental Papa (Wendling-Brockman) Perfect 14335

Same instrumentation, with some changes in personnel.

New York, c. February 3, 1925
20. 105825 Hot-Hot-Hottentot (Fisher) Apex 699
21. 105826 King Porter Stomp (Ferd Morton) Perfect 14392

Note: The artist credit on these issues is Hollywood Dance Orchestra.

Original Indiana Five

Tom Morton (d) dir. James Christie (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as), Harry Ford (p), possibly Tony Colucci (bjo).
New York, c. May 1, 1925
22. 9503 Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now (---) Gennett 3060
23. 9504 Seminola (Warren-King) Gennett 3060
24. 9505 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie-Pinkaid-Casey) Gennett 3059

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