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Jazz Oracle BDW8029
Sam Manning Vol. 2, 1927-30
Finalises the complete output by this important New York stage performer up to 1930. Includes rare sides issued on Columbia's export "X" series. Jazz collectors note - this is HOT black jazz!

Sam Manning accompanied by Adolphe Thenstead’s Mentor Boys

Adolphe Thenstead (pno), Walter Edwards (clt), Cyril Monrose? (sax), possibly Gerald Clark (bjo), probably Sam Manning (bottle and spoon - 1), probably Sam Manning-2 (claves).
June 23, 1927
1. 81104-A Bongo (Manning - Grainger)-1 OKeh 8488
2. 81105-A Pepper Pot (Manning) OKeh 8488
3. 81106-A Lignum Vitae (Manning) OKeh 8487
4. 81107-B Emily (Manning)-2 OKeh 8487

Sam Manning

Unknown (pno), Cyril Monrose? (sax), Unknown (cuatro).
February 2, 1928
5. E 26342 Bouncing Baby Boy (Sam Manning) Brunswick 7026
6. E 26343 Woman’s Sweeter Than Man (L. Belasco) Brunswick 7026

Sam Manning-Anna Freeman

vocals with Porter Grainger (pno).
March 19, 1928
7. E 27041 Nothin’ But A Double Barrel Shotgun’s Gonna Keep Me Away From You (Porter Grainger) Br 7027
8. E 27043 Goin’ Back To Jamaica (Porter Grainger) Br 7027
9. E 27046 The American Woman And West Indian Man (Porter Grainger) - Pt.1 Br 7028
10. E 27047 The American Woman And West Indian Man (Porter Grainger) - Pt.2 Br 7028

Sam Manning accompanied by Jack Celestain and His Caribbean Serenaders

Jack Celestain (pno), Cyril Monrose? (sax), Gerald Clark (gtr), Unknown (cuatro).
April 3, 1928
11. 400190-A Sweetie Charlie (Manning) OKeh 8567
12. 400191-B Lita (Manning) OKeh 8568

As before,
April 4, 1928
13. 400192-A Lieutenant Julian (Manning) OKeh 8567
14. 400193-B You Can’t Get Anything Out Of Me (Manning) OKeh 8568

Jack Celestain and His Caribbean Stompers

Jack Celestain (pno), Unknown (clt-1), Unknown (sax), Cyril Monrose (vln), Dr. Charlie Ford (cello bass), Gerald Clark (gtr), Unknown (cuatro-2).
September 1928
15. 96742-2 Barbadoes Blues (-) -2 Columbia 3268-X
16. 96743-4 Lita (-) -1 Columbia 3269-X

Sam Manning’s Orchestra

2nd male voice-1, Jack Celestain? (pno), Cyril Monrose? (sax), Walter Edwards? (clt), Unknown (Sb), Gerald Clark (gitr or cuatro?), probably Sam Manning (maracas -2).
January 8, 1930
17. 703089-1 Talking To Myself (I. Ghee) Columbia 3939-X
18. 703090-2 I’m Going Your Way (I. Ghee) Columbia 3939-X
19. 703091-1 Caribbean Moonlight (Sam Manning) Columbia 3940-X
20. 703092-1 B.G. Blues (Sam Manning) Columbia 3941-X
21. 703093-2 Back To My West Indian Home (Sam Manning) Columbia 3940-X
22. 703094-2 Femme Martinique (Sam Manning)-1 -2 Columbia 3942-X
23. 703095-1 Bacchanale (Sam Manning)-1 -2 Columbia 3942-X
24. 703096-2 Land Of Humming Birds (Sam Manning)-2 Columbia 3941-X

2 guitars - one or both guitarists may be with the “Dúo Caribe,” who shared the session with Manning
December 1930
25. W 703470- Sinking Of The Kate Esau (Hector J. Dick) Columbia 4414-X

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