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Cliff Jackson
The complete recordings of Cliff Jackson’s Crazy Kats and the Sepia Serenaders, as well as selected solos and blues accompaniments from the Twenties and early Thirties. Booklet notes are by Reide Kaiser, a fine Toronto pianist, who provides an excellent summary of Jackson’s style and place among the great stride pianists.

Cliff Jackson

Cliff Jackson (p).
New York, c. mid 1926
1. Hock Shop Blues (---) QRS 3616

Cliff Jackson and His Crazy Kats

Cliff Jackson (p) directing Melvin Herbert (t), Henry Goodwin (t,v), Waymon “Noisy” Richardson (tb), Rudy “Jungles” Powell (cl,as), Earl Evans (as), Horace Langhorn (ts), Andy Jackson (bjo), Chester Campbell (bb), Percy Johnson (d).
New York, c. January 30, 1930
2. 3866-A/B Horse Feathers (Smolev-Jackson)-vHG Grey Gull Test
3. 3867-A/B Torrid Rhythm (Smolev, Jackson) Van Dyke 81842

New York, c. February 27, 1930
4. 3926-A Ring Around The Moon (Miller, Smolev, Seaman) Van Dyke 81850
5. 3926-A Ring Around The Moon (Miller, Smolev, Seaman) Grey Gull 1850
6. 3927-A We’ll Be Married In June (Marchini and Smolev) Radiex 1853
7. 3928-A/B She’s Just The Baby For Me (McDaniel, Sharpe, Wilson, Raymond) Van Dyke 81852
8. 3929-A Soubrette (Krompart, Smolev) Van Dyke 81861
9. 3930-A No One But Betty Brown (Straight, Lapgold, Decimber) Grey Gull 1865
10. 3930-BD No One But Betty Brown (Straight, Lapgold, Decimber) Grey Gull 1865
11. 3931-A/B Desert Blues (McDaniel, Smolev) Van Dyke 81854
12. 3932-A/B Because I’m Lonesome (Seaman, Smolev) Grey Gull 1851
13. 3933-A Apart From You (Goodrow, Smolev, Seaman) Grey Gull 1868
14. 3934-A Waiting Through The Night (Crozier, Smolev, Seaman) Van Dyke 81880
15. 3935-A The Terror (Jackson, Smolev) Van Dyke 81879
16. 3935-B The Terror (Jackson, Smolev) Van Dyke 81879

Mattie Hite

Mattie Hite (v) accompanied by Cliff Jackson (p).
New York, January 27, 1930
17. 149915-3 Texas Twist (Williams) Columbia 14503-D

Lena Wilson

Lena Wilson (v) accompanied by Cliff Jackson (p).
New York, February 6, 1930
18. 149970-3 I’m A Stationary Mama (Lookin’ For A Permanent Man) (Razaf and Williams) Velvet Tone 7064-V

New York, July 17, 1931
19. 151691-1 My Man O’ War (Williams) Columbia 14618-D

Carrie Edwards

Carrie Edwards (v) accompanied by Cliff Jackson (p).
New York, March 9, 1932
20. 152130-1 Gettin’ Lots Of Lovin’ (Edwards) Columbia 14652-D
21. 152131-1 Dirty Mistreater (Edwards) Columbia 14652-D

Sepia Serenaders

Clarence Grimes (cl), Cliff Jackson (p), Elmer Snowden (bjo), George Gray (v).
New York, December 14, 1934
22. 86446-1 Ridiculous Blues (L. Hooper) Bluebird B-5770
23. 86447-1 Breakin’ The Ice (Cavanaugh-Weldon- McCarthy)-vGG Bluebird B-5782
24. 86448-1 Dallas Blues (Lloyd Garret)-vGG Bluebird B-5803
25. 86449-1 Baby Brown (Alex Hill)-vGG Bluebird B-5782
26. 86450-1 Nameless Blues (Spencer Williams) Bluebird B-5770
27. 86451-1 Alligator Crawl (Thomas “Fats” Waller) Bluebird B-5803

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