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Jazz Oracle BDW 8048 BDW 8048
Edison Hot Dance Obscurities Volume 2

This release includes the hot recordings made between 1926 and 1929 by Oreste (Migliaccio) and His Queensland Orchestra. Liner notes by researcher Joe Moore provide new information about this band and its activities.

Oreste and His Queensland Orchestra

Oreste Migliaccio (p) directing a group probably drawn from: Frank McNellis-Tom Kells (t), Jack King (tb), Lou Savarese and another (reeds), Hal Stumkoff (ts), Ralph Esposito (bjo), Joe Tarto (bb), Joe Curran (d). It is possible that Red Nichols (t), Miff Mole (tb) and Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), either individually or together, augmented the band on this date.
New York, October 13, 1926
1. 11214-F Ev’rything’s Peaches (For Peaches And Me) (Harry D. Squires) Edison 51857

Oreste Migliaccio (p) directing probably: Frank McNellis-Tom Kells (t), Jack King (tb), Lou Savarese-?Jimmy Dorsey or Don Murray (reeds), Hal Stumkoff (ts), Ralph Esposito (bjo), Joe Tarto (bb), Joe Curran (d), Arthur Fields (v). Jimmy Dorsey and/or Don Murray are included as possible participants based on the report by Lou Savarese that they were used on some sessions; there is nothing audible on these sides to suggest their presence.
New York, November 19, 1926
2. 11322-B Thinking Of You (I’ve Grown So Lonesome) (Walter Donaldson-Paul Ash)-vAF Edison 51885
3. 11323-A Hello! Swanee-Hello! (Sam Coslow and Addy Britt) -vAF Edison 51886

Jack Davis (t,v) replaces McNellis.
New York, March 24, 1927
4. 11603-A I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover (Mort Dixon and Harry Woods) -vJD Edison 51983

Jack Kaufman-J. Donald Parker (v).
New York, May 4, 1927
5. 11684-C High Hat Harry (Jack Lesoir, Ray Doll & Kenneth Casey) -vJK Edison 52017
6. 11685-A Rosy Cheeks (Seymour Simons & Richard A. Whiting) -vJDP Edison 52017

New York, June 24, 1927
7. 11763-A She’s Got “It!” (Benny Davis-Harry Akst-L. Wolfe Gilbert) -vAF Edison 52058

Unknown (Jew’s harp) added.
New York, July 29, 1927
8. 11823-A Eyeful Of You (Al Dubin & J. Fred Coots) -vAF Edison 52087

Unknown (bar) added.
New York, November 25, 1927
9. 18059-C I’m Walkin’ On Air (---) -vJK Test
10. 18060-B When The Morning Glories Wake Up In The Morning (Then I’ll Kiss Your Two Lips Good-Night) (---) -vJK Test

New York, December 9, 1927
11. 18095-A I’m Walkin’ On Air (Wm. Tracey and Dan Dougherty) -vJDP Edison 52167
12. 18096-A When The Morning Glories Wake Up In The Morning (Then I’ll Kiss Your Two Lips Good-Night) (Billy Rose and Fred Fisher) -vJDP Edison 52169

As above, but Lou Auglieri (reeds) replaces Savarese. Jimmy Dorsey may be the second reedman on this side. The Songsters (Vic Hall & Ken Christie) (v).
New York, February 1, 1928
13. 18159-H Danger! (Look Out For That Gal) (Chas. O’Flynn & Eddie Kilfeather) -vS Edison 52214

Dorsey and Murray, if present before, are now omitted; Bert Dixon (v).
New York, March 26,1928
14. 18336-C Lila (Archie Gottler-Charles Tobias-Maceo Pinkard) -vBD Edison 52273
15. 18337-C Borneo (Walter Donaldson) -vBD Edison 52272

Unknown (ocarina) added.
New York, August 23, 1928
16. 18675-A Anything You Say! (Walter Donaldson) -vJDP Edison 52383

Theo. Alban (v).
New York, December 5, 1928
17. 18920-B Where The Shy Little Violets Grow (Gus Kahn- Harry Warren)-vTA Edison 52560
18. 18921-B Cross Roads (Klages-Axt-Mendoza) -vTA Edison 52466

The Rollickers (usually Arthur Hall, John Ryan, Ed Smalle)(v).
New York, May 17, 1929
19. 19199-A Me And The Clock (Tick-i-ty Tock And You) (Meskill-Mann-Wendling) -vR Edison 52592

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