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Jack Teagarden 1930 Studio Sessions

Rare performances featuring Jack Teagarden with bands led by Ben Selvin and Sam Lanin - including all known titles and takes - originally recorded for Columbia and Gennett. Other featured musicians include Jimmy Dorsey, Mannie Klein and Benny Goodman. The detailed liner notes are by Teagarden specialist Joe Showler.

Ben Selvin and His Orchestra
Fred Farrar-Bob Effros (t), Jack Teagarden (tb,v), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Louis Martin (as), Joe Dubin (ts), Al Duffy or Mac Ceppos (vln), Rube Bloom (p), Carl Kress (bjo), Norman McPherson or Hank Stern (bb), Stan King (d,k), Smith Ballew (v).
New York, January 27, 1930
1. 195070-1 Good For You-Bad For Me (De Sylva, Brown & Henderson) Columbia 2129-D
2. 149920-3 Thank Your Father (De Sylva, Brown & Henderson)-vSB Columbia 2129-D
3. 495020-1 Thank Your Father (De Sylva, Brown & Henderson)-vJT Parlophone PNY 24012

Same personnel; Paul Small (v).
New York, February 5, 1930
4. 149962-3 If I Were King (Chase, Coslow and Robin)-vPS Columbia 2121-D
5. 195077-1 If I Were King (Chase, Coslow y Robin) Columbia 3971-X
6. 149963-3 Oh! How I Adore You (Stoddard and Klauber)-vPS Columbia 2121-D
7. 495021-1 Oh! How I Adore You (---) Test

Cornell and His Orchestra
Leo McConville-Joe Lindwurm or Charlie Spivak (t), Jack Teagarden (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Fletcher Hereford (as), Adrian Rollini (bsx), Cornell (pac), Irving Brodsky (p), Dick McDonough (g), Tex Hurst (sb), Stan King (d), Artie Dunn (v).
New York, February 7, 1930
8. 403747-A Accordion Joe (Cornell-Wimbrow)-vAD Odeon ONY-36069

Sam Lanin’s Troubadours
Unknown 2 (t), Jack Teagarden (tb), 2 (cl,as), (ts), (p), (bjo), (bb), (d), Irving Kaufman (v).
New York, c. February 10, 1930
9. GEX2600-A Happy Days Are Here Again (Yellen-Ager)-vIK Supertone 9615
10. GEX2601-A There’s Danger In Your Eyes Cherie (Richman- Meskil-Wendling)-vIK Supertone 9615
11. GEX2602-B When I’m Looking At You (Grey-Stothart)-vIK Champion 15930

Ipana Troubadours (S.C. Lanin - Director)
Unknown 3 (t), Jack Teagarden (tb), Arnold Brilhart and another (cl,as), (ts), 2 (vln), Arthur Schutt (p), (bjo), (bb), (d), The Mariners (v).
New York, May 27, 1930
12. 150545-2 Sing (A Happy Little Thing) (Meyer and Johnson)-vM Columbia 2220-D
13. 495039-1 Sing (A Happy Little Thing) (Meyer-Johnson) Odeon ONY 6018
14. 150546-3 Promises (Sherman and Lewis)-vM Columbia 2220-D
15. 195110-1 Promises (---) Test

Sam Lanin and His Famous Players
Mannie Klein and 2 others (t), Jack Teagarden (tb), Benny Goodman and another (cl,as), (ts), Arthur Schutt (p,cel), (bjo), (bb), (d), Harold “Scrappy” Lambert (v).
New York, June 9, 1930
16. 404214-C Live And Love Today (King-Janis)-vSL Parlophone E 5192
17. 404215-B Seems To Me (Rainger-Howard)-vSL Parlophone PNY 34105
18. 404216-B Rollin’ Down The River (Waller-Adams)-vSL Odeon ONY 36113
19. 490085-A Rollin’ Down The River (---) Test

Tony Gianelli and 2 others (t), Jack Teagarden (tb), 2 (cl,as), probably Joe Dubin (cl,ts), Arthur Schutt (p), (bjo), (bb), (d), Harold “Scrappy” Lambert (v).
New York, July 11, 1930
20. 404262-B I Wonder How It Feels (To Be Head Over Heels In Love) (Sherman and Lewis)-vSL Harmony 1197-H
21. 404263-B Little White Lies (Donaldson)-vSL Odeon ONY 36122
22. 404264-B (Under The Sun, It’s Anyone) Under The Moon, It’s You (White)-vSL Parlophone R 756

Sam Lanin’s Troubadours
Mannie Klein and another (t), Jack Teagarden (tb), 2 (cl,as), Larry Binyon (ts), Arthur Schutt (p), (bjo), (bb), (d), Claude Reese (v).
New York, c. July 14, 1930
23. GEX2740-B Here Comes The Sun (Freed-Woods)-vCR Gennett 7234
24. GEX2741-B Swingin’ In A Hammock (Seymour-O’Flynn- Wendling)-vCR Gennett 7234
25. GEX2742-B Hullabaloo (O’Keefe-Dolen)-vCR Gennett 7257

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