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Stu Pletcher - The Story of Stewart Pletcher

A thorough review of trumpeter Stu Pletcher's career, with recordings by the Yale Collegians, Red Norvo, Ben Pollack, Smith Ballew, as well as two privately-recorded piano solos by Pletcher. The detailed liner notes are by Tom Pletcher, Stu's son and a jazz musician in his own right. The 40 page booklet features photographs from the Pletcher family's archives.

Hackley Orchestra 1923-'24
Thomas I. Wagner (cl,sax,p) directing Stewart Pletcher (c), Guernsey Curran, Jr. (sax), Bernard Hanighen-Kenneth Weida (vln), A.T. Cook (p), J. Bradford McLane (d).
New York, c. March-April, 1924
1. 91450-1 Covered Wagon Days (---) Columbia Personal 8-P
Carl Webster's Yale Collegians
Carl Webster (bb,sb) directing Stewart Pletcher (t,v,arr), Seelye Vidal-Harold Fletcher (t), Gene Roselli (tb), Louis Rappaport (later known as Barry Wood) (cl,as), Bob Bruce (c (where noted),cl,as,v,arr), Hank Palmer (as,arr), Al Thompson (ts,v), Sidney Fine (p), Neil Waterman (g), Jimmy Devlin (d).
New York, January 2, 1930
2. 170421-2 "If I'm Without You" (Fine and Spear)-vSP-BB-AT-NW, arrBB-SP Columbia Personal 139-P
3. 170422-1 "Dream Child" (Palmer)-arrHP, cBB Columbia Personal 139-P
As above, except Bob Stanley (t) replaces Fletcher; Andy Wiswell (tb) replaces Roselli; Dick Webster (v).
New York, March 1, 1930
4. 403791-A Puttin' On The Ritz (Berlin)-vSP, cBB Okeh 41393
5. 403792-B With You (Berlin)-vDW, arrSP Okeh 41393
6. 490041-A Puttin' On The Ritz (---)-cBB Okeh test
Pletcher's Eli Prom Trotters
Stewart Pletcher (t,v,arr) directing Seelye Vidal-Bob Stanley (t), Al Mastren (tb), Louis Rappaport (cl,as), Bob Bruce (cl,as,,arr), Benny Ross (as), Al Thompson (ts), Sidney Fine (p), Neil Waterman (g), Alan Lutz (bb), Ted Pearlman (d).
Long Island City, c. May, 1930
7. 2374-1 I Like To Do Things For You (Ager-Yellen)-v-arrSP QRS Q-1055
8. 2375-2 That's Where You're Wrong (Smith)-arrBB QRS Q-1055
The Yale Collegians (Director-Robert Bruce)
Bob Bruce (cl,as,arr) directing Stewart Pletcher (t,v), Seelye Vidal-Bob Stanley (t), Jim Notham (tb), Hart Leavitt (cl,as), Bob Laidlaw (cl,as,,arr), Al Thompson (ts), Sidney Fine (p), Tiny Littlefield (g), Alan Lutz (bb), Ted Pearlman (d), Spike Adriance (v).
New York, November 14, 1930
9. 404551-B And Then Your Lips Met Mine (Malneck, Signorelli & Nelson)-vSA Okeh 41474
10. 404552- What's The Use Of Living Without Love? ( )-vSA, arrBB
11. 404553-A Blue Again (Mc Hugh and Fields)-vSP, arrBL Okeh 41474
Stewart Pletcher
Stewart Pletcher (p,v).
Whitlock's Music Store, New Haven, Connecticut, 1931
12. Rockin' Chair (---)-vSP Private recording
13. Ain't Misbehavin' (---)-vSP Private recording
Ben Pollack & His Orch.
Ben Pollack (v) directing Stewart Pletcher-Charlie Spivak (t), Joe Harris (tb), Matty Matlock (cl), Deane Kincaide-Gil Rodin (as), Eddie Miller (ts), Al Beller-Ray Cohen (vln), Gil Bowers (p), Nappy Lamare (g,v), Harry Goodman (sb), Ray Bauduc (d), Doris Robbins (v).
New York, January 23, 1934
14. 152693-1 My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii (Cogswell, Harrison and Noble)-vBP-NL-DR Columbia 2886-D
Smith Ballew and His Orchestra
Stewart Pletcher-others (t), (tb), (cl), (as), (ts), (vln), (p), (g,v), (sb), (d), Smith Ballew (v).
New York, January 16, 1935
15. 16647-1 Be Careful, Young Lady (Sam Coslow)-vSB Melotone M13300
Red Norvo and His Swing Sextette
Stewart Pletcher (t), Eddie Sauter (mel,arr), Donald McCook (cl), Herbie Haymer (ts), Dave Barbour (g), Pete Peterson (sb), Bob White (d), Red Norvo (x).
New York, January 8, 1936
16. 60315-A Decca Stomp (Norvo) Decca 691
Kenneth "Red" Norvo and His Swing Sextette
Stewart Pletcher (t), Donald McCook (cl), Herbie Haymer (ts), Howard Smith (p), Dave Barbour (g), Pete Peterson (sb), Maurice Purtill (d), Red Norvo (x).
New York, March 16, 1936
17. 60898-A I Got Rhythm (George Gershwin-Ira Gershwin) Decca 779
18. 60899-A Lady Be Good (George Gershwin-Ira Gershwin) Decca 779
Stew Pletcher and His Orchestra (Red Norvo, Director)
Stewart Pletcher (t,v), Donald McCook (cl), Herbie Haymer (ts), Roger Ramirez (p), Dave Barbour (g), Pete Peterson (sb), Maurice Purtill (d), Red Norvo (x).
New York, March 27, 1936
19. 101132-1 The Touch Of Your Lips (Ray Noble)-vSP Bluebird B-6345
20. 101133-1 Will I Ever Know? (Mack Gordon- Harry Revel)-vSP Bluebird B-6344
21. 101134-1 I Don't Want To Make History (I Just Want To Make Love) (Leo Robin-Ralph Rainger)-vSP Bluebird B-6344
22. 101135-1 I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music (Dave Franklin)-vSP Bluebird B-6345
23. 101136-1 You (Harold Adamson-Walter Davidson)-vSP Bluebird B-6343
24. 101137-1 You Never Looked So Beautiful (Harold Adamson-Walter Davidson)-vSP Bluebird B-6343
Red Norvo and His Orchestra
Red Norvo (x) directing Stewart Pletcher-Bill Hyland (t), Eddie Sauter (t,arr), Al Mastren (tb), Hank d'Amico (cl), Frank Simeone-Charles Lamphere (as), Herbie Haymer (ts), Joe Liss (p), Dave Barbour (g), Pete Peterson (sb), Maurice Purtill (d).
New York, March 22, 1937
25. C-1853-2 Remember (---) Brunswick test

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