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Jazz Oracle BDW 8061 BDW 8061
Cambridge University Jazz

A compilation of recordings from 1927-36 by Cambridge jazz bands led by Fred Elizalde, George Monkhouse and others. Extensive liner notes by researcher Joe Moore.

Fred Elizalde and his ‘Varsity Band
(From the Quinquaginta Club, Cambridge)
Fred Elizalde (p,arr) directing John d’Arcy Hildyard (t), Dick Battle (t,fh), Manuel “Lizz” Elizalde-Jack Donaldson (cl,ss,as), “Dan” Wyllie (as,bsx), Maurice Allom (cl,as,ts,bar), George Cosmo Monkhouse (bj,g), “Bud” Williams (bb), Eric Sandars (d).
Shepherd’s Bush, London, March 30, 1927
1. High-High-High Up In The Hills (Lewis-Young-Abrahams) Br 1000
2. Muddy Water ((Trent-de Rose-Richman) Br 1000
3. Ain’t She Sweet (Yellen-Ager) Br 1001
4. Hurricane (Mertz & Nichols) Br 1001
Fred Elizalde and his Cambridge Undergraduates
Same personnel.
Hayes, Middlesex, June 22, 1927
5. Bb-11050-1 Stomp Your Feet (Elizalde) HMV B-5315
6. Bb-11051-2 Clarinet Marmalade (Shields & Ragas) HMV B-5315
George Monkhouse and his Cambridge University Quinquaginta Ramblers
George Cosmo Monkhouse directing R. D. Bickford-John Churchill (t), L.H. Kittredge (cl,as,bar), Muir Glen (cl,as), Murray Ainsley (cl,ts), C. H. E. Pickering (p), John Thornton (bj,g), Nigel Ryland (bb), Richard Marker (d), Tristram Eeles (v).
London, c. December 17, 1929
7. E-2991-1 So The Blackbirds And The Bluebirds Got Together (B. Moll-H. Harris) Par R-561
8. E-2992-2 Birmingham Bertha (Grant Clarke-Harry Akst)-vTE Par R-560
9. E-2993-2 Stamp Your Feet (Fred Elizalde)-vTE Par R-560
Same personnel.
London, March 12, 1930
10. E-3139-2 Singapore Sorrows (Le Soir – Doll, arr. Philpott) Par R-656
11. E-3140-1 Avalon (Jolson – Rose, arr. Philpott) Par R-656
12. E-3141-2 Cryin’ All Day (Morehouse-Trumbauer-Arr. Hayton) Par R-657
Richard Philpott, Piano Solos
London, c. February, 1931
13. E-3846-2 Baby (Fields-McHugh) Par R-845
14. E-3847-1 Whispering (Schonberger) Par R-845
London, c. May, 1931
15. E-4059-1 Once Again (Philpott) Par R-950
16. E-4060-1 Flight Of Fancy (Philpott) Par R-950
London, c. February, 1932
17. E-4453-1 Here Is My Heart (Richard Philpott) Par R-1171
18. E-4454-1 If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (Creamer-Johnson) Par R-1171
John Greening, Piano Solos
Levys Sound Studios, London, c. July, 1932
19. After You’ve Gone (---)/ Some Of These Days (---) Oriole 12” Private Recording
Cambridge University Quinquaginta Ramblers
Directed by John Ainswoth (sic) and Robert Greenish
J. Ainsworth (ts) and Robert Greenish (cl,as) directing Peter Nicholson-Peter Griffiths (t), W. G. M. “Gec” Sanders (cl,as), John Greening (p), B. F. Dill-Russell (bj,g), Briant Aspinall (sb), Tony Hadingham (d), Jimmy Dale (arr).
London, May 6, 1933
20. CE-6053-1 Chinatown My Chinatown (William Jerome-Jean Schwartz) Par PO-19
21. CE-6054-1 Who’s Sorry Now (Kalmar-Snyder)-arrJD Par PO-19
22. CE-6055-1 Bugle Call Rag (Jack Pettis-Irving Mills-Elmer Schoebel) Par PO-20
23. CE-6056-1 Chicago (Fred Fisher)-arrJD Par PO-20
Cambridge University Quinquaginta Ramblers
Full personnel unknown, but includes Bill Trethowan (t), Geoff Kitchin (p), Malcolm McDonald (g) and John Gordon (d).
Levys Sound Studios, London, c. May, 1936
24. Sweet Sue (---) Oriole Private Recording
25. Lady Be Good (---) Oriole Private Recording

Edinburgh University Review, Selections from Eura-Optimists, 1936. Played by Alec Gracie and his Varsity Madhatters.
Unknown personnel, apart from (presumably) Alec Gracie (probably cl and saxes).
Girmac Recording Studios, Glasgow, c. June, 1936
26. Gir-98 St. Louis Blues (---) Girmac 98
Unknown female (v), Don Martin (p).
Girmac Recording Studios, Glasgow, c. June, 1936
27. Gir-99 Medley from EURA-OPTIMISTS, 1936 (---)-v Girmac 99