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Americans in Europe

This important compilation includes the complete recordings of the New York Tanz Orchestra, led by George Carhart and featuring Danny Polo and Dave Tough, as well as the complete Swiss recordings by Frank Guarente's Georgians. These rare sides have never been reissued in their entirety before. The 44-page booklet includes extensive notes by renowned author and researcher Rainer Lotz, as well as rare photographs and ephemera. Sound restoration is by John R.T. Davies and Ted Kendall.

Jazz-Orchestra George Carhart’s New Yorker’s (von Valencia, Berlin)


Evelyn Bazell (t), Herb German (tb), Danny Polo (clt, as, arr); Milton Allen (ts); Jack O’ Brien (p); Tony Morello (g - 1, bjo - 2); Dave Tough (d); Al Bowlly (vocal-3).


Berlin, September 28, 1927


1.   19450      Hoosier Sweetheart (Ash & Donaldson) - 2 Homocord Electro 4-2420

2.   19451      Sunny Disposish (Charig & Gershwin) -1,3   Homocord Electro 4-2420


Tanz-Orchester “The New Yorkers” aus der “Valencia”, Berlin


Evelyn Bazell (t), Eddie Norman (tb), Danny Polo (clt, as, arr); Andy Foster (ts); Jack O’ Brien (p); Tony Morello (g, bjo, uke, vocal-1); Dave Tough (d); ensemble (vocal-2).


Berlin-Marienfelde, Thursday, February 2, 1928


3.   01078      It All Belongs To Me (Irving Berlin)                    Tri-Ergon TE.5108

4.   01079      A Siren Dream (Pollack-Sherman)                      Tri-Ergon TE.5108

5.   01080      Music and Moonlight (Wallace – Myers)           Tri-Ergon TE.5109

6.   01081      My Sunday Girl (Ruby – Cooper – Steft) [sic] - 1 Tri-Ergon TE.5109

7.   01082      I’m Living on Love (Holt – Evans) -2                  Tri-Ergon TE.5110

8.   01083      There’s A Cradle in Caroline (Ahlert) - 1            Tri-Ergon TE.5110



Berlin-Marienfelde, Tuesday, February 21, 1928


9.   01163      Ostrich Walk (Shields – Ragas)                         Tri-Ergon TE.5134

10. 01164      Pretty Girl (Polo and Tough) [sic]                      Tri-Ergon TE.5134

11. 01165      By the Waterfall (R. Tabbush)                             Tri-Ergon TE.5135

12. 01166      The Song is Ended (Irving Berlin) -1                 Tri-Ergon TE.5135

13. 01167      Clarinet Marmelade [sic] (Norman – Morello)    Tri-Ergon TE.5136

14. 01168      Smile (Donald Haywood) [sic]                            Tri-Ergon TE.5137

15. 01169      One More Night (B. Rose – J. Burke) -1             Tri-Ergon TE.5136

16. 01170      It’s a Million to one You’re in Love (Benny Davis

                           and Henry Akst) -2                                          Tri-Ergon TE.5137



Frank Guarante’s [sic] World Known Georgians


Frank Guarente (t), Ben Pickering (tb), Eddie Bave (clt, as, ts), Ernie White (clt, ts, as), James Murray (p), Arthur Sherman (bjo), Jack Ryan (bb), Teg Noyes (d, vocal-3).


Geneva, Chanteclair SA, Passage des Lions 6-7, Thursday, October 7, 1926


17. 401          Georgians Blues (Wiener)                                          Kalophon 401

18. 402          Lonely Acres (by Willard & Robison) [sic]                Kalophon 402

19. 403          Hard-To-Get Gerty [sic] (by Ager & Yellen) -3          Kalophon 403

20. 404          Boneyard Shuffle (Carmichael & Mills)                      Kalophon 404

21. 405          Lonesome and Sorry (David & Conrad)                   Kalophon 405

22. 406          Valencia (Padilla)                                                        Kalophon 406

23. 407          There’s a Boatman on the Volga (Pasternack, Whiting) Kalophon 407

24. 408          Too Bad (E. Schoebel)                                                Kalophon 408