BDW 8036 | The Georgia Washboard Stompers

The complete recordings of this washboard band, which was assembled by Decca Records in 1934 and 1935. These exciting sides feature the fine trumpet work of Taft Jordan, and are important as examples of how the washboard band style evolved in the 1930s after first gaining popularity in the mid-1920s.

Single, $18.00



The Georgia Washboard Stompers

Taft Jordan (t), ? Carl Wade or Elmer Williams (ts), unknown (p), Steve Washington (bjo,gtr), Ghost Howell (sb), Jake Fenderson (wb,v), Eddie Foster (v), unknown trio (v).
New York, August 17, 1934
1. 38338 Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don’t Love Nobody But Me) (Palmer-Williams)-vJF Decca 7002
2. 38339 Farewell Blues (Schoebel-Mares-Rappolo) Decca 7003
3. 38340-A High Society (Williams-Piron)-v? Decca 7002
4. 38341-A I Can’t Dance (I Got Ants In My Pants) (Williams-Gaines)-vJF-trio Decca 7004
5. 38342 Tiger Rag (De Costa-Original Dixieland Jazz Band) Decca 7003
6. 38342-B Tiger Rag (—) Test
7. 38343-A Who Broke The Lock Off The Hen House Door (Troy-Williams)-vJF Decca 7004
8. 38344-A Limehouse Blues (Furber-Braham) Decca 7005
9. 38344 Limehouse Blues (—) Test
10. 38345-B After You’ve Gone (Creamer-Layton)-JF Decca 7006
11. 38346 Chinatown, My Chinatown (Jerome-Schwartz)-vJF Decca 7005
12. 38347-A Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Berlin)-vEF Decca 7006
13. 38347-B Alexander’s Ragtime Band (—)-vEF Test

Taft Jordan (t), ? Ben Smith (as), ? Carl Wade or Elmer Williams (cl,ts), unknown, but probably different (p), Ghost Howell (sb), Jake Fenderson (wb,v).
New York, July 3, 1935
14. 39671-A You’re An Angel (Jimmy McHugh-Dorothy Fields)-vJF Decca 7094
15. 39672-A Lulu’s Back In Town (Harry Warren-Al Dubin)-vJF Decca 7095
16. 39673-A In The Middle Of A Kiss (Sam Coslow)-vJF Decca 7096
17. 39674-A Every Little Moment (Jimmy McHugh-Dorothy Fields)-vJF Decca 7096
18. 39675-A I’m Livin’ In A Great Big Way (Jimmy McHugh-Dorothy Fields)-vJF Decca 7094
19. 39676-A Chasing Shadows (Abner Silver-Benny Davis)-vJF Decca 7097
20. 39677-A The Lady In Red (Allie Wrubel-Mort Dixon) Decca 7097
21. 39678-A Name It (—) Decca 7095