BDW 8040 | Edison Hot Dance Obscurities Volume 1

This release includes the hot recordings made in 1927 and 1928 by Frank Winegar’s Penn. Boys and B.A. Rolfe’s Orchestra for the Edison Company.

Single, $18.00



Winegar’s Penn. Boys

Frank Winegar (bjo,g,uke) directing probably: Norman Moran-Herman Drewes (t), Bill Drewes (tb), Frank Sollecito (Salto) (as,ss,bar), Joe Linden (cl,as), Larry Hart (cl,ts,bar,pic), Ernie Watson (saxes,arr), Elliott Russell (vln), Bill Haid (p,arr), Billy Wolfe (bb), Don Nyer (d), unknown (v).
New York, September 15, 1927

1.  11892-B  Shaking The Blues Away (Irving Berlin)        Edison 52097
2. 11893-A  Ooh! Maybe It’s You (Irving Berlin)-v?            Edison 52099

New York, October 21, 1927
3. 11975-B  Tell Me Little Daisy (—)                          Test

Tony Franchini (p) replaces Haid.
New York, January 25, 1928

4. 18191-A  A Good Man Is Hard To Find (—)          Test

New York, February 10, 1928

5. 18192-H  Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down (Howdy Quicksell & Ray Lodwig)     Edison 52241
6. 18227-C  I Call You Sugar (Phil Baxter-Geo. Bowles)                                                   Edison 52224
7. 18228-D  Stay Out of The South (If You Want To Miss A Heaven On Earth) (Harold Dixon)      Edison 52224

New York, May 4, 1928

8. 18468-A  Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider (Eddie Leonard)            Edison 52321
9. 18469-B  My Gal Sal (Paul Dresser)                                           Edison 52305

Elliott Russell (vln) omitted; Jimmy Granato (cl,as) replaces Sollecito; Frank (or Mike) Widmer (bjo) added; Bert Dixon (v).
New York, August 21, 1928

10. 18667-A  Imagination (Irving Caesar-Joseph Meyer-Roger Wolfe Kahn)-vBD           Edison 52381

The Alternate Takes

Same personnel as tracks 1-3; Arthur Hall (v).
New York, August 30, 1927

11.  11864-B  Ooh! Maybe It’s You (—)-vArthur Hall            Test
12. 11865-B  Shaking The Blues Away (—)                          Test

Same personnel as track 4.
New York, January 25, 1928

13. 18192-B  Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down (—)      Test

B.A. Rolfe (Trumpet Virtuoso) and his Palais D’Or Orchestra

B.A. Rolfe (t) directing a band with instrumentation of 2 other (t), (tb), 2 (cl,as,f), (cl,ts,bar), (vln), (p), (bjo), (bb), (d) drawn from the following collective personnel: Pete Capodiferro-Vina Bono-H. Berkin-Frank Korminsky-Joe Lindwurm-Phil Napoleon (t), H, Green-Charles Harris-Dave Boyd (tb), Andy Sannella-George Napoleon-Ross Gorman-Fred Hartman (cl,as), Lucien Smith-Harold van Emburgh (cl,ts), Walter Edelstein-Billy Artz-Enric Madriguera-Fritz Forsch-Harry Salter-Pete Eisenberg (vln), Milt Rettenberg (p), ?Tony Colicchio (bjo), Gus Helleberg-John Helleberg-Cy Harris (bb), Fred Albright-William Dorn (d).
New York, June 8, 1927

14. 11724-A  Buffalo Rhythm (Ivan Beaty-Marvin Smolev-Harold Arluck)                                Edison 52037
15. 11725-A  Rocky Mountain Blues (Fletcher Henderson-Patty Carroll-Ken Macomber)     Edison 52037

New York, February 29, 1928
16. 18266-B Louisiana Bo Bo (Ted Nixon)             Edison 52244

New York, May 14, 1928
17. 18496-B Deep Hollow (Mickey Guy-Ken Macomber)           Edison 52319

Unknown (whistling) on this track.
New York, June 1, 1928
18. 18557-A No Parking (Phil Napoleon-Ted Raph-Newell Chase)         Edison 52353

J. Donald Parker (v).
New York, July 26, 1929
19. N-1041-A   Why Can’t You? (Jolson, De Sylva, Brown, Henderson)-vJDP            Edison 14048