BDW 8047 | A Gift From The President

This CD was the brainchild of our President, John R.T. Davies, and is offered as a gift with the purchase of any Jazz Oracle CD. It includes a selection of rare alternative takes and other previously-unissued material, including the legendary 1925 recording of Mother Me, Tennessee by Wingy Manone’s San Sue Strutters. This is a limited edition, and in order to make it available to as many people as possible we have a limit of one per customer.

Free with the purchase of another CD



Wingie Mannone (sic) & His San Sue Strutters

Joe “Wingy” Manone (c), Jerry Bump (tb), George Harper (cl,as), Paulie Freed (p), Lennie Esterdahl (bjo), Min Leibrook (bb), Earl “Buddy” McDowell (d).
New York, c. February, 1924

1. 9500-B Mother Me, Tennessee (—)                OKeh test

New Orleans Jazz Band

Harry Gluck (t), Mike Martini (tb), Sidney Arodin (cl), Wilder Chase (p), Tommy de Rose (d).
Chicago, November, 1925

2. 10032-2 Maybe (She’ll Phone Me, She’ll Write Me) (Ted Snyder-Fred E. Ahlert)                 Domino 310

Red McKenzie & His Music Box

Red McKenzie (comb,v), Joe Venuti (vln), Eddie Lang (g), Eddie Condon (bjo).
New York, May 28, 1928

3. 400721-C From Monday On (—) – vRM                        OKeh test

Mound City Blue Blowers

Red McKenzie (comb,v), Dick Slevin (k), Jack Bland (bjo).
New York, September 1, 1925

4. E16307 If You Never Come Back (—) – vRM             Brunswick test

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra

Duke Ellington (p,arr) directing Louis Metcalf-Bubber Miley (t), Joe Nanton (tb), Johnny Hodges (cl,ss,as), Harry Carney (cl,as,bar), Barney Bigard (cl,ts), Fred Guy (bjo), Wellman Braud (sb), Sonny Greer (d).
New York, June 25, 1928

5. E27772-B Tishomingo Blues (Williams)               Brunswick (Cdn) 3987

Joe Venuti’s Blue Four

Joe Venuti (vln), Don Murray (bar), Rube Bloom (p), Eddie Lang (g).
New York, March 28, 1928

6. 400179-C The Wild Dog (—)              OKeh test

Al Steele & His Orchestra

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), (cl,as (or Cm)), (as,ts), (p), (sb), (d).
New York, c. April 18, 1929

7. E29707-A Singing The Blues (—)           Brunswick test

Unknown Band

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), (cl), (as), (ts), ?(p), (g), (bb), (d).
Possibly Chicago, c. 1930

8.                  Sweet Sue-Just You (—)               Test

Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra

Henry Allen (t), J.C. Higginbotham (tb), Hilton Jefferson (cl,as), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Horace Henderson (p,arr), Bernard Addison (g), John Kirby (sb), Walter Johnson (d).
New York, September 29, 1933

9. 265144-1 Jamaica Shout (—) – arrHH                  Columbia test

King Oliver and His Orchestra

Carroll Dickerson directing King Oliver-Dave Nelson (t), Jimmy Archey (tb), Bobby Holmes (cl,as), Glyn Paque (as), Charles Frazier (ts), Eric Franker (p), Arthur Taylor (bjo), Clinton Walker (bb), Fred Moore (d).
New York, May 22, 1930

10. 62238-1 Olga (—)                     Victor test

Blue Steele and His Orchestra

Blue Steele directing possibly Clyde Davis and another (t), possibly Jesse James (tb), 2 unknown (cl,as,bar), unknown (cl,ts), possibly Brick English and another (vln), unknown (p), (g), (sb), Moe Goodman (d), unknown (hca).
Memphis, September 19, 1929

11. 55550-3 Freddy’s Fog (—)              Victor test

Blue Steele directing possibly Clyde Davis and another (t), possibly Jesse James (tb), Frank Myers (cl,as), Jack Eacholls (cl,as), Ernie Wimburn (ts), possibly Brick English (vln), Galen Grubb (p), Red Rountree (bjo), Cookie Trantham (bb), unknown (d), (speech).
Memphis, May 14, 1930

12. 59922-3 Pumpernickel (—) – sp          Victor test

Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra

Fletcher Henderson (p) directing Louis Armstrong-Elmer Chambers-Howard Scott (t), Charlie Green (tb), Buster Bailey-Don Redman (cl,as), Coleman Hawkins (cl,ts), Charlie Dixon (bjo), Ralph Escudero (bb), Kaiser Marshall (d).
New York, c. November 24, 1924

13. 5749-2 Naughty Man (Redman-Dixon)                   Oriole 437

Bubber Miley and His Mileage Makers

Bubber Miley-Ward Pinkett and another (t), Wilbur de Paris (tb), Hilton Jefferson and another (cl,as), Happy Caldwell (ts), Earl Frazier (p,cel), Bernard Addison and another (bjo,g), Bill Benford (bb), Tommy Benford (d), Frank Marvin (v).
New York, May 16, 1930

14. 62233-2 Without You Emaline (Tobias-DeRose) – vFM                Victor V-38138

Carolina Cotton Pickers

Probably: William “Cat” Anderson and two from John Williams-Thad Seabrook-Joseph Williams (t), Leroy Hardison-Eugene Earl (tb), Booker Starks-Lew Williams-Addison White-Aaron Harvey (reeds), Cliff Smalls (p), W.J. Edwards (g), Len Thurman (sb), Otis Walker (d).
Augusta, Georgia, June 25, 1936

15. AUG104-1 Charleston Swing (—)                  Vocalion test

Eddie Lang’s Orch.

Andy Secrest (c), Charlie Margulis (t), Bill Rank (tb), Bernard Daly-Charles Strickfadden (as), Izzy Friedman (cl,ts), Henry Whiteman (vln), Hoagy Carmichael (p,cel), Eddie Lang (g), Mike Trafficante (sb), George Marsh (d).

New York, October 5, 1929

16. 403032-B Walking The Dog (—)                   OKeh test

The Westernaires

Mannie Klein and another (t), 2 (tb), Benny Goodman (cl,as), (as), possibly Art Karle (ts), (vln), (p), (g), (bb), (d).
New York, late 1932 or early 1933

17. 6354-2 Lazy Day (Gus Kahn-Grace Kahn)                  Western Electric Wide Range Transcription 483

Benny Carter and His Orchestra

Benny Carter (cl,as,ts,p) directing Max Goldberg-Tommy McQuater (t), Leslie Thompson (t,tb), Lew Davis-Ted Heath (tb), Freddy Gardner-Andy McDevitt (cl,as), Buddy Featherstonhaugh (ts), Billy Munn (p), Albert Harris (g), Wally Morris (sb), George Elrick (d).
London, mid-June, 1936

18. S117-1  You Understand (—)                      Vocalion test
19. S119-2 If I Could Only Read Your Mind (—)      Vocalion test

The Anglo-American Alliance

Richard Sudhalter (c), Jim Shepherd (tb), Alan Cooper (bcl,cl), John R.T. Davies (as,bar), Nevil Skrimshire (g), Henry “Thins” Francis (p), John Arthey (sb), Mike Scott (d).
London, August 30, 1967

20. Peg O’ My Heart (Bryan-Fischer)             Unissued

Jeff Healey and Friends

Jeff Healey (t,g,v), Richard Sudhalter (c), Jim Shepherd (tb), John R.T. Davies (as), Reide Kaiser (p), Colin Bray (sb).
Liquid Sound Studios, Toronto, May 1, 2001

21. You’re Lucky To Me (Andy Razaf-Eubie Blake) – vJH              Unissued