BDW 8049 | Paramount Hot Dance Obscurities Volume 2

Rare sides recorded by the New York Recording Laboratories for issue on the Broadway, Challenge and Paramount labels. Includes recordings by such obscure bands as the Wisconsin U Skyrockets, Billy Stennett’s Carolina Stompers and Bud Spaight’s Harmony Kings. Extensive liner notes by Paramount researcher Alex van der Tuuk and 1920s jazz expert Joel O’Sickey

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Checker Box Boys

Unknown (t), (tb), (cl,as), (p), (bjo).
Chicago, c. February, 1928

1.  20394-1    Jealous (—)                                Challenge 807
2. 20395-2   I’m Dreaming Dreams (—)       Challenge 810
3. 20396-2   My Sunshine (—)                       Challenge 808
4. 20397-2   Sweetheart (—)                          Challenge 809

Wisconsin U Skyrockets (Jesse Cohen – Director)

Jesse Cohen directing unknown (t), Don Bonn (t,cl,ts), (cl,as), (as,ts), (p), (g,bjo), (d).
Chicago, c. May, 1928

5. 20552-2   Slow Beef (—)              Paramount 12641
6. 20553-1   Dizzy Corners (—)        Paramount 12642
7. 20554-2   Postage Stomp (—)    Paramount 12642
8. 20555-1   It’s A Sin (—)                Paramount 12641

Billy Stennett and His Carolina Stompers

Billy Stennett (t,vln) dir. Simon Carlson (t), Arthur Roehre (tb), Cecil Fransen (or Franseen) (as,vln), Albert Grossberg (as), Albert Stainbeck (ts), Larry Jacques (or Jaques) (p), Raleigh Carroll (bjo,g), Leslie Eckert (bb), Earl Riggs (d).
Chicago, June, 1928

9.   20674-1  Buffalo Rhythm (—)                        Broadway 1194
10. 20675-1  “Red Nichols” Five Pennies (—)      Broadway 1194

Bud Spaight’s Harmony Kings

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), 2 (cl,as), (cl,ts), (p), (bjo), (bb), (d).
Grafton, probably June 9, 1930

11. L-359-1 Don’t Lose It (—)          Test

Grafton, probably July 3, 1930

12. L-373-1 Good Feeling Blues (—)           Test

Lietzke’s Midnight Serenaders

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), 3 (reeds), (g), (bb), (d), Glen Leitzke (or Lietzke) (v).
Grafton, c. September, 1930

13. L-489-1 Maybe It’s Love (—)-vGL           Broadway 1398

Glen Leitzke’s Midnite Serenaders

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), 3 (reeds), (vln), (p,cel), (g), (sb), (d), Glen Leitzke (or Lietzke) (v).
Grafton, c. December, 1930

14. L-683-2 You’re The One I Care For (Link-Lown-Gray)-vGL             Broadway 1425

Joe Gumin and His Orchestra

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), (cl,as), (as), (ts), (p), (bjo,g), (bb), (d), Sonny Sievert (v).
Grafton, c. January, 1931

15. L-710-2 Blue Again (Fields-McHugh)-vSS              Broadway 1430

Glen Lyte and His Orchestra

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), (as,pic), (as), (ts), (p), (g), (bb), (d), (v).
Grafton, c. April, 1931

16. L-930-5 When I Take My Sugar To Tea (Fain-Kahal- Norman)-v             Lyric 3356

Bill Carlsen and His Orchestra

Probable personnel: Bill Carlsen (cl,as,ts) dir. Dip Happe-Alec Alexander (t), Ole Turner (tb), Paul Peregrine-Harry Bortner (cl,as,ts), Lee Simmons (p), Ralph West (g), Chet Harding (bb), Harry Pierce (d), Jack Teter (v).
Grafton, c. August, 1931

17. L-1111-2 You Forgot Your Gloves (Eliscu-Lehak)-vJT                   Broadway 1480

Aaron Steel and His Orchestra

Unknown (t), (tb), 2 (reeds), (vln), (pac), (p), (g), (bb), (d), Gerald Means (v).
Grafton, c. August, 1931

18. L-1112-2 Me (Irving Berlin)-vGM             Broadway 1479

Isa Foster and Her Ambassadors

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), (cl,as), (ts), (p), (bjo,g), (bb), (d), Elmer Lowry (v).
Grafton, c. October, 1931

19.  L-1199-2 Black And Tan Fantasy (—)                    Broadway 1498
20. L-1201-2 It’s Great To Be In Love (Friend)-vEL      Broadway 1497
21.  L-1203-1 Lady Be Good (—)                                   Broadway 1498

Bob Hartman and His Orchestra

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), 3 (reeds), (p), (g), (bb), (d), Orville Edgerton (v).
Grafton, c. November, 1931

22. L-1286-1 Charley Cadet (Fogarty-Valee)-vOE       Broadway 1501

Doc Wilson and His Orchestra

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), 3 (reeds), (p), (bjo), (bb), Charles Aryman (v).
Grafton, c. February, 1932

23. L-1499-2 Ooh That Kiss (Dixon-Young-Warren)-vCA          Broadway 1507

Art Krueger and His Columbians

Art Krueger (cl,saxes) directing 2 (t), possibly Oscar Hussow (tb), 2 (reeds), possibly Milt Mieritz (p), (bjo,g), (bb), possibly Arlyn Dupree (d), Trio (v).
Grafton, c. May, 1932

24. L-1573-2 Keeping Out Of Mischief Now (—)-v3           Broadway 1523

Smyth-West Orchestra

Unknown 2 (t), (tb), 3 (reeds), (p), (bjo,g), (bb), (d), Don Campbell (v).
Grafton, c. June, 1932

25. L-1596-1 You’ve Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand (Friend- Leslie-Monaco)-vDC       Broadway 1516

Sig Heller and His Orchestra

Sig Heller (cl,as,v) dir. Wilbur Koeppen (t), Leroy Vick (tb), Gene Kuehnel (cl,as), George Krueck (cl,ts), Ted Reideburg (cl,bar), Russ Dreazy (p), possibly Bob Claque (bjo), Marlin Brusberg (bb), Harold Zuelsdorf (d).
Grafton, early July, 1932

26. L-1618-2 Somebody Loves You (Tobias-De Rose)-vSH               Paramount 1513