BDW 8051 | Dorsey Brothers Volume 4, 1930-34

The final volume of our series on the Dorsey Brothers’ early recordings, this compilation includes Jimmy Dorsey’s solo recordings made in London in 1930, as well as rare sides by the Dorsey Brothers’ Orchestra from 1934. Featured musicians, aside from the Dorseys, include Bunny Berigan and Glenn Miller.

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The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra

Muggsy Spanier-Mannie Klein-Frank Guarente (t), Tommy Dorsey-Joe Yukl (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Alfie Evans (as), Herbert Spencer (ts), 2 unknown (vln), Irving Brodsky (p), Carl Kress (g), Joe Tarto (bb), Ray Bauduc (d), Scrappy Lambert (v).
New York, January 13, 1930

1. 9278-1 Congratulations (Pinkard-Goetz-Green-Stept)-vSL        Cameo 0166

Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as) acc. by Spike Hughes & His Three Blind Mice: Claude Ivy (p), Alan Ferguson (g), Spike Hughes (sb), Bill Harty (d), Billy Moore (arranger).
London, July 15, 1930

2. MB1618-1 I’m Just Wild About Harry (Sissle & Blake)    Dec F.1876
3. MB1619-2 After You’ve Gone (Creamer & Layton)         Dec F.1876
4. MB1620-1 Tiger Rag (La Rocca)-arrBM                           Dec F.1878
5. MB1620-2 Tiger Rag (La Rocca)-arrBM                          Dec F.6142
6. MB1621-1 St. Louis Blues (Handy)                                    Dec F.1878

Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers

Chick Bullock (v) acc. by Frank Guarente (t), Tommy Dorsey (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Chester Hazlett (as), Vernon “Mutt” Hayes (ts), Harry Hoffman (vln), Joe Moresco (p), Dick McDonough (g), Artie Bernstein (sb), Larry Gomar (d).
New York, December 19, 1933

7. 14476-1 Dixie Lee (Alexander Hill)-vCB              Melotone M12879
8. 14477-2 Delta Bound (Alexander Hill)-vCB       Melotone M12879

Dorsey Brothers’ Orchestra

Frank Guarente or Charlie Margulis-Bunny Berigan-Mannie Klein (3t), Tommy Dorsey-Chuck Campbell or Lloyd Turner (2tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Lyle Bowen (as), Jim Crossan-Larry Binyon (ts), Joe Venuti (vln,speech,v), Fulton McGrath (p), Dick McDonough (g), Artie Bernstein (sb), Stan King (d).
New York, December 19, 1933

9. B-14480-A Dawn Patrol (—)-sp-vJV                Test

Bunny Berigan and either Charlie Margulis or Frank Guarente (t), Glenn Miller (tb), Don Matteson (tb,v), Jimmy Dorsey-Chester Hazlett (cl,as), Skeets Herfurt (ts), Fulton McGrath or Bobby Van Eps (p), Roc Hillman (g), Artie Bernstein (sb), Ray McKinley (d), Kay Weber-George Beuchler (v).
New York, March 14, 1934

10. 14926-1 Good Night, Lovely Little Lady (Gordon- Revel)-vGB                        Vocalion 2662
11. 14927-1  (She Walks Like You, She Talks Like You) She Reminds Me Of You (Gordon-Revel)-vDM              Vocalion 2662
12. 14928-1 Hold My Hand (Henderson-Yellen-Caesar)-vGB                               Vocalion 2660
13. 14929-1 Sweet And Simple (Henderson-Yellen-Caesar)-vGB                        Vocalion 2661
14. 14930-1 Nasty Man (Henderson-Yellen-Caesar)-vKW                                     Vocalion 2661
15. 14931-1 My Dog Loves Your Dog (Henderson-Yellen-Caesar)-vKW                Vocalion 2660

Bunny Berigan (t), Tommy Dorsey-Don Matteson (tb), Glenn Miller (tb,arr), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Skeets Herfurt (cl,ts), Jack Stacy (ts), Bobby Van Eps (p), Roc Hillman (g), Delmar Kaplan (sb), Ray McKinley (d), unknown (x,harpophone), Chick Bullock-Kay Weber (v).
New York, April 23, 1934

16. 15090-1       How Do I Know It’s Sunday? (Kahal-Fain)-vtrio       Vocalion 2708
17. B-15091-A    Judy (Hoagy Carmichael)-arrGM                              Brunswick 6938
18. 15092-1        May I? (Gordon-Revel)-vCB                                        Vocalion 2707
19. 15093-1        Love Thy Neighbor (Gordon-Revel)-vCB                   Vocalion 2707
20. 15094-1       I’ve Had My Moments (Kahn-Donaldson)-vKW       Vocalion 2708

Bunny Berigan-Charlie Spivak (t), Tommy Dorsey-Don Matteson (tb), Glenn Miller (tb,v,arr), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Skeets Herfurt-Jack Stacy (ts), Bobby Van Eps (p), Roc Hillman (g), Delmar Kaplan (sb), Ray McKinley (d), Chick Bullock (v).
New York, May 21, 1934

21. 15246-1 On Accounta I Love You (Green-Stept)-vCB      Perfect 15945
22. 15247-1 So Help Me (Irving Berlin)-vCB                           Vocalion 2721
23. 15248-1 Easy Come, Easy Go (Heyman-Green)-vCB       Vocalion 2721
24. B-15249-C Annie’s Cousin Fannie (Is A Sweetie of Mine) (Glen Miller)—arrGM-vGM&ch          Brunswick 6938

Victor Young and His Orchestra

Mannie Klein (t), Tommy Dorsey (tb, first voice), Jimmy Dorsey (cl), Joe Venuti (vln,v), Martha Boswell or Fulton McGrath (p), Dick McDonough (g), Artie Bernstein (sb), Larry Gomar or Chauncey Morehouse (d,vib), Connee Boswell (v).
New York, September 10, 1932

25. TO-1204 Bugle Call Rag (—)-vCB-JV;sp-TD             Test