BDW 8052 | Edison Hot Dance Obscurities, Volume 3, 1927-29

This release includes the hot recordings made for the Edison Company by Joe Herlihy’s Orchestra, the Piccadilly Players, and Mal Hallett, including eight rejected masters. Liner notes by researcher Joe Moore put Edison’s recordings of jazz and hot dance artists into perspective, and provide new information about the featured bands.

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Joe Herlihy and His Orchestra

Joe Breck directing probably: George Nickerson or Irving Peskin-James Hanson (t), Jerry Colonna (tb), Belleau Montpelier-Jack Hall (cl,as), Eddie Brown (cl,ts), Joe Herlihy (p), Walter Herlihy (bj), Seldon Hammond (bb), Johnny Williams (d).
New York, June 20, 1927

1.  11749-A Cornfed (Bob Effros & Phil Wall)                   Edison 52059
2. 11750-A State And Madison (Robert Peary, Charles Raymond, Fred (sic) “Jelly Roll” Morton)             Edison 52076
3. 11750-B State And Madison (Robert Peary, Charles Raymond, Fred (sic) “Jelly Roll” Morton)             Edison 52076

Possibly: Irving Peskin-James Hanson (t), Jerry Colonna or Bill Rank (tb), Don Murray (cl), Doc Ryker and either Belleau Montpelier or Jack Hall (cl,as), Eddie Brown (cl,ts), Joe Herlihy (p), Howdy Quicksell (bj), Steve Brown (bb), Chauncey Morehouse (d), vocal trio (includes Rudy Vallee on September 16 session).
New York, August 24, 1927

4. 11853-C Bye-Bye, Pretty Baby (—) –v3            Edison Test
5. 11854-A Gold Digger Stomp (—)                    Edison Test
6. 11854-B Gold Digger Stomp (—)                    Edison Test
7. 11954-C Gold Digger Stomp (—)                    Edison Test

New York, September 16, 1927

8. 11853-H Bye-Bye, Pretty Baby (Jack Gardner and Spike Hamilton) –v3       Edison 52098
9. 11894-A Rolling Around In Roses (Since Rosie Rolled Her Eyes At Me) (Al Dubin-Willie Raskin-Joe Burke)      Edison 52100

Joe Herlihy (p) directing probably a very different personnel from previous sessions.
New York, October 11, 1927

10. 11945-B Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows (—)            Edison Test
11.  11946-B Don’t Forget When The Summer Rolls By (—)                      Edison Test

Piccadilly Players

Mel Morris directing unknown personnel; possibly Earl Baker (t).
New York, December 13, 1927

12. 18100-C Someday Sweetheart (John C. Spikes and Benjamin Spikes) -v              Edison 52167

Similar personnel, with Vaughn de Leath (v). Irving Peskin (t) has confirmed his presence on several sides made during the first six months of 1928. He has also claimed that Jimmy Dorsey (reeds) took part in some sessions, presumably during the same period.
New York, January 13, 1928

13. 18167-C What’ll You Do (Ned Miller and Chester Cohn)-vVdeL              Edison 52198

Similar, without Vaughn de Leath.
New York, April 10, 1928

14. 18249-B Feelin’ Good (Jack Yellen & Owen Murphy)                  Edison 52232

New York, April 10, 1928

15. 18390-A I’m Riding To Glory (Mort Dixon-Harry Woods) -v       Edison 52280

Irving Peskin (t) definite.
New York, May 23, 1928

16. 18525-A You’re Just a Great Big Baby Doll (Lou Herscher- Joe Darcey- Perry Alexander) -v                 Edison 52327

New York, July 19, 1928

17. 18620-B If You Don’t Love Me (Jack Yellen-Milton Ager) -v              Edison 52363

Mal Hallett and His Orchestra

Mal Hallett directing Carl Swearingen-Chet Gonier (t), Brad Gowans (c,vtb,cl), Andy Russo (tb), Toots Mondello-Nelson Dowd (cl,as), Joe Holmes (cl,ts), Frank Guilfoyle (p,arr), Vic Mondello (g), Joe Carbonaro (bb,sb), Frank Friselle (d), unknown (v); one of the reedmen doubles on flute.
New York, October 2, 1929

18. N-1170-A Wang-Wang Blues (—)                Edison Test
19. N-1171-C Where The Butterflies Kiss The Buttercups Good- Night (Pease, O’Flynn, Nelson)-v            Edison 14080

New York, October 3, 1929

20. N-1177-B The Boomerang (Rose, David)             Edison 14080
21. N-1178-B Beale Street Blues (—)-v                       Edison Test