BDW 8054 | Eddie South Cheloni Broadcast Transcriptions, 1933 (3 CD set)

The complete Cheloni broadcasts, recorded by violinist South and his orchestra in Hollywood. This set provides a glimpse of South’s broad repertoire, from popular songs of the day to tangos, rumbas and traditional folk songs. Extensive liner notes by are by South specialist Anthony Barnett.

3-CDs, $48.00



Eddie South and His International Orchestra

Clifford King (clarinet, vocal), Eddie South (violin, vocal), J. Wright Smith (ensemble violin), Antonio Spaulding (piano, celesta), Everett Barksdale (guitar, vocal), Milt Hinton (string bass, vocal), Jimmy Bertrand (drums, percussion).

All of these performances were recorded at Recordings Inc. Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles between January and March 1933. The original discs are 16? long-play electrical transcriptions pressed but not recorded by Columbia. The labels and announcements identify the programs as: Cheloni Skin Presents Eddie South and His International Orchestra. “Weaver-Jackson presents a program for Cheloni-Skin Rejuvenator.”

Disc 1

Program 1 [stamper B-597-A]
1. Theme
2. Ay! Mama Ines [aka Mama Inez] (Gilbert, Grenet) – ensemble (vocal noises) – rumba
3. What a Perfect Combination (Kalmar, Caesar, Akst, Ruby) – South (vocal)
4. A Sleepy Little Village (Wesley) – Barksdale (vocal)
5. Dark Eyes (trad. Russian, arr. South)
6. Theme

Program 2 [stamper B-601-A]

7. Theme
8. Star Dust [aka Stardust] (Parish, Carmichael)
9. When It’s Sleepy Time Down South (Rene, Rene, Muse)
10. La Luna de Brasil (?South) – introduced as a maxixe but see note entitled The Maxixe
11. Theme

Program 3 [stamper B-598-A]

12. Theme
13. Lady of Spain (Hargreaves, Evans, Damerell, Tilsley) – paso doble
14. The Russian Rag (Cobb)
15. There’s a Million Little Cupids (Blake)
16. Body and Soul (Heyman, Sour, Eyton, Green) – South, Spaulding only
17. Theme

Program 4 [stamper B-605-A]

18. Theme
19. A Media Luz (Donato, Lenzi) – tango
20. Let’s Try Again (Newman, Jones)
21. Pardon, Madame! (Graham, Grünwald, Beda, Abraham)
22. Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon (Cook, Cook, Robinson)
23. Theme

Program 5 [stamper B-599-A]

24. Theme
25. Two Guitars (trad. Russian, arr. South) – ensemble (vocal shout)
26. Goofus (Kahn, King, Harold)
27. Mardi Gras (Grofe) [later aka Daybreak (Adamson, Grofe)]
28. Sylvia (Scollard, Speaks, Oley) – South, Barksdale only
29. Theme

Program 6 [stamper B-612-A]
30. Theme
31. Till Tomorrow (Campbell, Connelly, Malneck] – South vocal
32. Kiss Me Again (Blossom, Herbert)
33. Esta Noche Me Emborracho [announced as Argentine Tango because South forgets the title] (Discepolo) – tango
34. Theme

Disc 2

Program 7 [stamper B-600-A]
1. Theme
2. Vas Villst du Haben? (Bryan, Monaco) – King, ensemble (vocal in Yiddish not German as announced)
3. Adiós, Mia Chaparrita [aka Mia Chaparrita] (Esperón) – rumba [see also Program 11]
4. Libe War Es Nie (Rotter, Markush) [aka Take Me in Your Arms (Rotter, Parrish, Markush)] – King (vocal in German)
5. Siboney [aka Canto Siboney] (Morse, Lecuona) – rumba
6. Theme

Program 8 [stamper B-606-A]
7. Theme
8. Suzanne (Hoffman, Heyman, Mason) – Barksdale (vocal)
9. I’ll Never Be the Same (Kahn, Malneck, Signorelli) – Spaulding feature
10. Marienella (Docteur) – tango
11. Theme: Hejre Kati (trad. Hungarian, arr South) – almost complete [see also Program 12]

Program 9 [stamper B-616-A]
12. Theme
13. I’m Playing with Fire (Berlin) – South (vocal)
14. Jealousy [aka Jalousie] (Bloom, Gade) – tango
15. Penthouse Serenade (When We’re Alone) (Jason, Burton) – South, Spaulding only
16. Theme

Program 10 [stamper B-609-A]
17. Theme
18. La Rosita (Stuart, Dupont) – South (vocal) – tango
19. So at Last It’s Come to This (Kahn, Malneck, Signorelli) – Barksdale (vocal)
20. Bahama Mama (Gilbert, Lofthouse, Mason) – goombay
21. Theme

Program 11 [stamper B-617-A]
22. Theme
23. Algeria (South) – South, Barksdale, King, ensemble (vocal in North-African Franglais)
24. Adiós, Mia Chaparrita [aka Mia Chaparrita] (Esperón) – rumba [see also Program 7]
25. My Darling (Herman, Myers) – South (vocal)
26. Theme

Disc 3

Program 12 [stamper B-613-A]
1. Theme
2. Sweet Muchacha (Ager, Hoffman, Cameron) – rumba
3. Throw a Little Salt on the Bluebird’s Tail (untraced) – Hinton (vocal)
4. Hejre Kati (trad. Hungarian, arr. South) – [see also Program 8]
5. Thanksgivin’ (Mercer, Carmichael) – South (vocal)
6. Theme

Program 13 [stamper B-602-A]
7. Theme
8. La Cumparsita (Paul, Matos, Rodriguez) – tango
9. Well Well Well (Donaldson) – Barksdale (vocal)
10. Szerel mes Vodyck (trad. Hungarian, arr. South) – South (vocal in Hungarian)
11. At the Ball, that’s All [aka At the Ball] (Hill)
12. Theme

Program 14 [stamper B-621-A]
13. Theme
14. Just an Echo in the Valley (Woods, Campbell, Connelly) – Barksdale (vocal)
15. Three Little Words (Kalmar, Ruby)
16. I May Never Pass Your Way Again (Warren, Kahal) – Barksdale (vocal)
17. Theme

Program 15 [stamper B-603-A]
18. Theme
19. Passion (Bianco) – tango
20. Deep River (Burleigh)
21. If It Ain’t Love (Razaf, Redman, Waller)
22. Ya no Cantas Chingola (Bianchi) – rumba
23. Theme

Program 16 [stamper B-614-A]
24. Theme
25. Love Me [aka Valse déjà] (Aivaz, Lenoir, Morse, Dolly, Skinner)
26. Ein spanischer Tango (und ein Mädel wie Du) (Rotter, Jurmann) – King (vocal in German) – tango
27. Moon Song (That Wasn’t Meant for Me) (Coslow, Johnston) – Barksdale (vocal)
28. Theme