BDW 8060 | The Story of Joseph Livingston

A compilation of important recordings by clarinettist Fud Livingston, a neglected jazzman of the 1920s and 1930s who recorded with Red Nichols, Ben Pollack, Jimmy Dorsey and other luminaries. Extensive liner notes by Brad Kay tell the tragic but, at the same time, joyful story of Fud’s life and music. Includes a previously-unreleased recording by Ben Pollack from 1924.

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Ben Pollack and His Californians

Ben Pollack (d) directing Ted Schilling (t), Harold Martin Peppie (t), Ross Dugat (tb), Gil Rodin (reeds), Max Sturgis (reeds), Fud Livingston (cl), unknown (p), unknown (bjo), unknown (bb).
probably Los Angeles, Summer 1924

1. Red Hot (—)            probably Golden test

Ben Pollack (d,v) dir. Harry Greenberg-Al Harris-Earl Baker (c), Glenn Miller (tb), Benny Goodman (cl), Gil Rodin (as), Fud Livingston (ts,arr), Victor Young-Al Beller (vln), Wayne Allen (p), John Kurzenknabe (bjo), Harry Goodman (bb), Dorothy Williams-Hannah Williams (v). Vocal break by band members on 37219-6.

Chicago, December 17, 1926

2. 37219-6 ‘Deed I Do (Walter Hirsch-Fred Rose)-vBP               Victor 20408
3. 37261-2 He’s The Last Word (Kahn-Donaldson)-vDW-HW    Victor 20425

The Charleson Chasers

Red Nichols (t) directing Leo McConville (t), Miff Mole (tb), Fud Livingston (cl,ts,arr), Pee Wee Russell (cl,ts), Lennie Hayton (p,cel), Carl Kress-Dick McDonough (g), Jack Hansen (bb), Vic Berton (d).

New York, September 8, 1927

4. 144650-2 Feelin’ No Pain (Livingston)       Columbia 1229-D

Miff Mole and His Little Molers

Red Nichols (t), Miff Mole (tb), Pee Wee Russell (cl,ts), Fud Livingston (cl,ts), Adrian Rollini (bsx), Arthur Schutt (p), Dick McDonough (g), Vic Berton (d).

New York, August 30, 1927

5. 81296-B Imagination (Livingston)          OKeh 40890

Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra

Frank Trumbauer (Cm) directing Bix Beiderbecke (c), Bill Rank (tb), Don Murray (cl,bar), Bobby Davis (as), Adrian Rollini (bsx), Joe Venuti (vln), Frank Signorelli (p), Eddie Lang (g), Chauncey Morehouse (d).
New York, September 28, 1927

6. 81488-A Humpty Dumpty (Livingston)      OKeh 40926

The Devonshire Restaurant Dance Band

Bert Firman (vln) directing Frank Guarente (t), possibly Barney Sorkin-Bill Barton (reeds), Arthur Lally (cl,as,bar), John Firman (p), Jack Simmons (bjo), probably Billy Bell (bb), Jack Trebble (d).
Hayes, Middlesex, May 26, 1927

7. Yy-10759-2 Sax Appeal (Livingston)        Zonophone 2948

All Star Orchestra

Nat Shilkret directing ?Tommy Gott-?Del Staigers (t), Miff Mole (tb), Dudley Fosdick (mel), Max Farley (cl,as,f), Fud Livingston (cl,ts,arr), Don Murray (cl,bar), Joe Venuti (vln), ?Milt Rettenberg (p), Carl Kress (g), Joe Tarto or Al Armer (bb), Chauncey Morehouse (d,vib).
New York, December 13, 1927

8. 41168-2 Alexander’s Ragtime Band (—)       Victor test

Nat Shilkret directing Jimmy McPartland-Ray Lodwig-Fuzzy Farrar (t), Glenn Miller-Tommy Dorsey (tb), Dudley Fosdick (mel), Benny Goodman (cl,?f), Max Farley (cl,as,f,oboe), Fud Livingston (cl,ts,arr), Joe Venuti-Lou Raderman (vln), ?Milt Rettenberg (p), Carl Kress (g), Joe Tarto (bb), Chauncey Morehouse (d,vib), Scrappy Lambert (v).
New York, March 21, 1928

9. 43385-1 Oh, Baby! (Owen Murphy)-vSL       Victor 21423

Nat Shilkret directing Jimmy McPartland and two others (t), Tommy Dorsey (tb), Dudley Fosdick (mel), Max Farley (cl,as,f), Fud Livingston (cl,ts,arr), two others (saxes), Joe Venuti-Lou Raderman (vln), Milt Rettenberg (p), Carl Kress (bjo), Joe Tarto (bb), Chauncey Morehouse (d,vib).
New York, May 1, 1928

10. 43688-2 Add A Little Wiggle (Jack Yellen-Milton Ager)        Victor 21423

Leonard Hayton’s Blue Four

Fud Livingston (cl), Joe Venuti (vln), Lennie Hayton (p), Carl Kress (g).
New York, March 20, 1928

11. E 7209 Old Fashioned Girl (In A Gingham Gown) (Jolson) Vocalion 15750
12. E 7210 Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere (Weslyn-Kortlander) Vocalion 15750

Joe Venuti and His New Yorkers

Leo McConville-Fuzzy Farrar (t), Tommy Dorsey (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as,bar), Arnold Brilhart (cl,as), Max Farley (cl,ts,f), Joe Venuti (vln), Frank Signorelli (p), Eddie Lang (g), Joe Tarto (bb), Chauncey Morehouse (d), Fud Livingston (arr).
New York, October 24, 1928

13. 401193-B Doin’ Things (Venuti-Lang) OKeh 41133

Mendello’s Dance Orchestra

Toots Mendello (t), Glenn Miller (tb), Fud Livingston (cl), Arthur Schutt (p), ? Carl Kress (g), Vic Berton (d), Jack Kaufman (v).
New York, August 15, 1928

14. 8148-1 Cool Papa (You Better Warm Up) (Farrar)-vJK      Banner 6206
15. 8149-1 Sunday Afternoon (Farrar)-vJK                               Oriole 1387
16. 8150-1 High Hattin’ Hattie (Farrar)-vJK                             Banner 6213

As above; Roy (or Ray) Covert (v).
New York, October 16, 1928

17. 8260-3 Easy (Farrar)-vRC                                                 Broadway 1213
18. 8261-2 Dixie Drag (Otvos)                                                Banner 6214
19. 8262-2 Baby’s Coming Back (Farrar)-vRC                     Apex 8863

Fred Elizalde and His Music

Fred Elizalde directing Chelsea Quealey-Norman Payne-Nobby Knight (t), Frank Coughlan (tb), Bobby Davis (cl,ss,as), Max Farley (cl,as,f), Phil Cardew (cl,as), Fud Livingston (ts,arr), Arthur Rollini (ts), Adrian Rollini (bsx), George Hurley-Ben Frankel-Len Lees (vln), Billy Mason (p), Jack Hull (bjo), Al Bowlly (g), Mario Lorenzi (harp), Tiny Stock (sb), Ronnie Gubertini (d).
London, April 12, 1929

20. E 2403-2 Singapore Sorrows (Le Soir-Doll)         Parlophone R 1201

Fred Elizalde directing Chelsea Quealey (t), Bobby Davis (cl,ss,as), Max Farley (cl,as), Fud Livingston (ts), Adrian Rollini (bsx), Billy Mason (p), Al Bowlly (g), Tiny Stock (sb), Ronnie Gubertini (d).

21. E 2404-1 Nobody’s Sweetheart (Kahn-Erdman-Meyer-Schoebel)      Parlophone R 1201

Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra

Paul Whiteman directing Nat Natoli-Harry Goldfield (t), Andy Secrest (c), Jack Fulton-Herb Winfield-Bill Rank (tb), Chester Hazlett (cl,bcl,as), Charles Strickfaden (as,bar), Frank Trumbauer (Cm,arr), Fud Livingston (cl,ts), Kurt Dieterle-Mischa Russell-Matt Malneck (vln), Roy Bargy (p), Mike Pingitore (bjo), Mike Trafficante (bb), George Marsh (d).
New York, September 10, 1930

22. 150791-4 Choo-Choo (Trumbauer and Malneck)                Columbia 2491-D

Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby (v) accompanied by studio orchestra comprised of (t), two (vln), (p), (g), (sb).
Los Angeles, June 12, 1931

23. LA 1024-A I’m Thru With Love (Kahn-Malneck-Livingston)                Brunswick 6140

Lily Pons

Lily Pons (v) accompanied by Jimmy Dorsey’s Orchestra: George Thow-Toots Camarata (t), Bobby Byrne-Don Mattison-Joe Yukl (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Jack Stacey (as), Fud Livingston (as,ts,arr), Skeets Herfurt (ts), Bobby van Eps (p), Bill Thorpe or Roc Hillman (g), Slim Taft (sb), Ray McKinley (d)..
Hollywood, 1936

24. The Blues Danube (—)                  RKO Movie soundtrack from “That Girl From Paris”

Bob Zurke and His Delta Rhythm Band

Bob Zurke (p) directing Nat Natoli-Sterling Bose-Chelsea Quealey (t), Vincent Grande-Billy Pritchard-Artie Foster (tb), Sid Stoneburn-Noni Bernardi (cl,as), Larry Binyon-John Gassoway (ts), Chuck Dale (bar), Chick Reeves (g), Felix Giobbe (sb), Stan King (d), Fud Livingston (arr).
New York, August 10, 1939
25. 041539-1 I’ve Found A New Baby (—)              Victor test

Fud Livingston

Fud Livingston (p,v).
New York, May 19, 1932

26. TO 1158 Moo (—)                 ARC test