BDW 8069 – Clarinetist Jimmy Lytell’s complete Pathé recordings, 1926-28. | Jimmy Lytell

The complete solo clarinet recordings of Jimmy Lytell, recorded between 1926 and 1928 for Pathé. Lytell, primarily a studio musician and a mainstay of the Original Memphis Five during the 1920s, is revealed here to be a fine soloist in his own right. This compilation contains all known takes of these recordings, which also feature such luminaries as Eddie Lang, Dick McDonough, Frank Signorelli and Rube Bloom. The fully-illustrated booklet includes notes by collector Phil Melick, and audio restoration is by Karl Machat.

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The Three Barbers

Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), unknown (g).

New York, c. February 8, 1926

1. 106622 Down Town Fling (Signorelli-Carrazo)                          Pathé Actuelle 11165

2. 106623 Buggy Blues (Lytell-Signorelli)                                      Perfect 14595

Jimmy Lytell

Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), Eddie Lang (g, bjo (as noted)).

New York, c. November 20, 1926

3. 107225 Old Folk’s Shuffle (Williams-Waller)-bjo                         Perfect 14749

4. 107227 Red House Blues (Jimmy Lytell)                                      Perfect 14749

Unknown (c), Jimmy Lytell (cl), unknown (p), unknown (bjo).

New York, January, 1927

5. 107334-A Messin’ Around (St. Cyr.-Cooke)                                  Perfect 14765

6. 107334-C Messin’ Around (St. Cyr.-Cooke)                                  Perfect 14765

7. 107335-B Coney Island Washboard (Nestor-Shugart-Durand-Adams)          Perfect 14765

Jimmy Lytell (cl), probably Frank Signorelli (p), Dick McDonough (bjo).

New York, March, 1927

8. 107420-C Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)                Perfect 14788

9. 107421-A Pardon The Glove (Howdy Quicksell)                         Perfect 14788

10. 107421-C Pardon The Glove (Howdy Quicksell)                       Perfect 14788

Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), Dick McDonough (g).

New York, June, 1927

11. 107613 Zulu Wail (Skinner-Bibo)                                               Pathé Actuelle 11488

12. 107613alt Zulu Wail (Skinner-Bibo)                                          Pathé 36665

13. 107614 Fakir’s Rhythm (Jimmy Lytell)                                      Pathé Actuelle 11488

Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), Dick McDonough (bjo).

New York, October, 1927

14. 107861 Headin’ For Harlem (Hanley-Dowling)                        Pathé Actuelle 11534

15. 107862 Sugar (Yellen-Ager-Crum-Nichols)                             Pathé Actuelle 11534

Jimmy Lytell (cl), Rube Bloom (p), Dick McDonough (bjo).

New York, c. December 1927

16. Why Be Blue (Jimmy Lytell)                                                     Pathé 36741

17. Stockholm Stomp (Pettis-Goering)                                        Pathé 36741

Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), Lou Calabrese (tenor bjo).

New York, February, 1928

18. 108056 Missouri Squabble (Holst-Kretzmer)                        Pathé Actuelle 11557

19. 108056alt Missouri Squabble (Holst-Kretzmer)                   Pathé 36775

20. 108056alt2 Missouri Squabble (Holst-Kretzmer)                Perfect 14956

21. 108057 Davenport Blues (Bix Beiderbecke)                         Pathé Actuelle 11557

22. 108057alt Davenport Blues (Bix Beiderbecke)                    Perfect 14956

Jimmy Lytell (cl), Frank Signorelli (p), possibly Dick McDonough (g).

New York, June, 1928

23. 108221 Sweet Emmalina (Williams-Palmer-Razaf)              Perfect 15005

24. 108221alt Sweet Emmalina (Williams-Palmer-Razaf)          Perfect 15005

25. 108222 Yellow Dog Blues (W. C. Handy)                                Pathé 36824