BDW8003 | Curtis Mosby and Henry Starr - Recorded on the West Coast and London, 1924-1939

The complete output by Curtis Mosby including two previously unknown and unissued sides from 1924-25 as well as an unissued test of “Weary Blues”. Rare recordings by pianist Henry Starr made for the incredibly rare Flexo label in 1928. Six sides by Ivan Browning and Henry Starr recorded in London, England in the mid 30s including an unissued HMV test.

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Mosby’s Dixieland Blue Blowers
Probably: Henry Starr (p) dir. Harry Barken (t), Lloyd Allen (tb), H.L. Brassfield (reeds), Fred Vaughan (bjo), Curtis Mosby (d).
Probably recorded in Los Angeles, c. 1924-25
1. 42 Riverboat Shuffle (-) Unissued test
2. 45 All Night Blues (-) Unissued test

Curtis Mosby & His Dixieland Blue Blowers
Curtis Mosby (d) dir. James Porter (t), Ashford Hardee (tb), Charles Hite-Leo Davis (cl,as), Bumps Myers (ts), Attwell Rose (vln), Henry Starr (p,v), Thomas Valentine (bjo), ____ Perkins (bb).
Los Angeles, October 14, 1927
3. 144761-2 Weary Stomp (Matthews) Columbia 1191-D
4. 144761-3 Weary Blues (-) Test
5. 144762-3 Whoop ‘Em Up Blues (Barnett) Columbia 1192-D
6. 144763-1 In My Dreams (I’m Jealous Of You) (Leon, Otis and Rene) – vHS Columbia 1191-D
7. 144763-3 In My Dreams (I’m Jealous Of You) (Leon, Otis and Rene) – vHS Columbia 1191-D
8. 144764-1 Tiger Stomp (La Rocca) Columbia 1192-D
9. 144764-2 Tiger Stomp (La Rocca) Columbia 1192-D
10. 144764-3 Tiger Stomp (La Rocca) Columbia 1192-D
Note: Weary Stomp and Weary Blues are alternative renditions of the same piece. The titles are as given on the original records.

Curtis Mosby (d) dir. James Porter (t), Ashford Hardee (tb), Charlie Lawrence-Les Hite (cl,as), Bumps Myers (ts), ? Andy Iona (Aiona) (stg), unknown (vln), Walter Johnson (p), Fred Vaughan (bjo), unknown (bb).
Los Angeles, March 28, 1928
11. 145924-2 Blue Blowers Blues (Mosby) Columbia 1442-D
12. 145925-2 Hardee Stomp (Hardee) Columbia 1442-D

Country Allen (tb) replaces Hardee. Unknown (v) added.
Los Angeles, January 21, 1929
13. 147817-3 Between You And Me (And The Deep Blue Sea) (Rene, Allison and Rene) – v Columbia 40001-D
14. 147818-3 Louisiana Bo Bo (Nixon) Columbia 40001-D

Henry Starr
Henry Starr (p,v)
Los Angeles, c. early 1928
15. 592 Blue Eyes (Clayton-Kellar) Flexo 113

Henry Starr (p)
Los Angeles, c. May-June 1928
16. 1317 Mr. Froggie (-) Flexo 148
17. 1318 Willow Tree (-) Flexo 148

Henry Starr (p,v)
Los Angeles, c. February 1929
18. 147996-2 When I’m Walkin’ With My Sweetness (Down Among The Sugar Cane)
(DeRose, Tobias and Clare) Columbia 40003-D

Browning and Starr
Ivan Harold Browning (v), Henry Starr (p,v), George Elliott (g), unknown (sb), Harry Francis (d).
London, mid 1935
19. CAR3554-1 Let’s Go Ballyhoo (Browning, Starr & Brooks) Regal-Zonophone MR1855
20. CAR3555-1 All Because Of You (Low, Clarke, Browning & Starr) RZ MR1855
21. CAR3556-1 Lovely Liza Lee (Razaf & Denniker) RZ MR1821
22. CAR3557-1 What Harlem Is To Me (Razaf, Wooding & Denniker) RZ MR1821
23. CAR3620-1 Lulu’s Back In Town (Dubin & Warren) RZ MR1892
24. CAR3621-1 Truckin’ (Koehler & Bloom) RZ MR1892

London, May 18, 1939
25. OEA7866-1 Jungle Nights In Montmartre (-) HMV unissued