BDW8009 | Gennett Rarities - Recorded in Birmingham, Alabama and Richmond, Indiana 1927-29

Mythically rare recordings made by the Gennett company on field trips to Birmingham. This CD includes the complete recorded output of Syd Valentine’s Patent Leather Kids, the Triangle Harmony Boys, the Black Birds of Paradise, Frank Bunch and his Fuzzy Wuzzies, Willie Jones and his Orch., Horace Smith with the best sides by two obscure bands, Eddie Miles and his Florentine Orch. and Dunk Rendleman and the Alabamians.

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Triangle Harmony Boys
Unknown (c), (tb), (cl,as), ? Murray Harper (ts), (p), (bjo), (d).
Birmingham, Alabama, c. July 7, 1927
1. GEX-704-B Canned Heat Blues (Bridges-McMath) Ge 6322

Same instrumentation.
Birmingham, Alabama, c. August 22, 1927
2. GEX-838-A Chicken Supper Strut (Triangle Boys) Sil 5139
3. GEX-839-A Sweet Patootie (Murray) Sil 5139
Note: This issue as Alabama Harmony Boys.

Black Birds of Paradise

William “Buddy” Howard (tb, v) dir. Philmore “Shorty” Hall (c), James Bell (cl,as), Walter Boyd (as,ss,ts), Melvin Small (p), Tom Ivery (bjo), Ivory Johnson (bb), Samuel Borders (d).
Birmingham, Alabama, c. July 9, 1927
4. GEX-716-B Muddy Water (Trent-DeRose)-vWH Ge 6211
5. GEX-717-A Bugahoma Blues (Howard) Ge 6210
6. GEX-718-A Tishomingo Blues (Williams) Ge 6210
7. GEX-719-B Sugar! (Pinkard)-vWH Ge 6211

Eddie Miles and His Florentine Orch.
Unknown (c), (tb), (cl,as), (ts), (p), (bjo), (bb), (d), N. Sol Bearman (v).

Birmingham, Alabama, c. August 15, 1927
8. GEX-830-A Is It Possible That She Loves Me (Dixon-Woods)-vNSB Ge 6247

George H. Tremer

George H. Tremer (p, kazoo, percussion).

Birmingham, Alabama, c. August 4, 1927
9. GEX-779-A Spirit Of ’49 Rag (Tremer) De 7137

Frank Bunch and His Fuzzy Wuzzies
Frank Bunch (p) dir. Hunch Vines (t), Joseph Britton (tb), 2 unknown (cl,ss,ts), Carl Bunch (bjo), Ivory Johnson (bb), unknown (d).

Birmingham, Alabama, c. August 10, 1927
10. GEX-791 Fuzzy Wuzzy (Woods-Bunch) Ge 6278

Same personnel.
Birmingham, Alabama, c. August 20, 1927
11. GEX-832-A Fourth Avenue Stomp (Bunch-Woods) Ge 6293
12. GEX-833 Congo Stomp (Woods) Ge 6293

Note: It is not known whether the “Woods” given as composer of these titles is a member of the band.

Dunk Rendleman and The Alabamians

Dunk Rendleman (bjo) dir. Bob Hamilton (t), unknown (tb), Bill Aderholt and another (cl,as), unknown (ts), Bob Percy (p), Worth Roberts (bb), unknown (d).
Birmingham, Alabama, c. August 28, 1927
13. GEX-852-A Mean Dog Blues (Jackson) Ge 6322

Willie Jones and His Orchestra

Leonard Gay (reeds) dir. Ed White-Ted Shame (t), Vic Dickenson or Sam Searce (tb), V. Bassett-S. Richardson (reeds), H. Seldon (p), W. Warfield (bjo), C. Peterson (bb), Willie Jones (d).

Richmond, Indiana, November 21, 1927
14. GEX-964-A Ragamuffin Stomp (Gay) Ge 6370
15. GEX-965-B Michigan Stomp (Grier) Ge 6326
16. GEX-966 Bugs (The Gang) Ge 6326

Horace Smith
Horace Smith (v) acc. by Syd Valentine (t), James “Slick” Helms (p), Paul George (bjo).
Richmond, Indiana, October 2, 1929
17. 15709-A Mother-In-Law Blues (—) Ge 7025
18. 15710-A Love Is Dead (Thompson-Guernsey) Ge 7025
19. 15712-A Going Away And Leave My Baby (Thompson-Guernsey) Var 6064
20. 15714 Clickety Clack Blues (Thompson-Guernsey) Ch 15882
Note: Varsity 6064 was issued as by Bill Brown; Champion 15882 was issued as by Ted Ross. Gennett 7025 describes the accompanists as “Patent Leather Kids”.

Syd Valentine’s Patent Leather Kids
Syd Valentine (t), James “Slick” Helms (p), Paul George (bjo).
Richmond, Indiana, October 2, 1929
21. 15721-A Jelly Bean Drag (—) Ch 40085
22. 15722-A Asphalt Walk (—) Ge 7071
23. 15723 Patent Leather Stomp (—) Ge 7026
24. 15724-A Rock And Gravel (—) Ch 40085
Note: Champion 40085 was issued as by Skillet Dick and His Frying Pans. The song title of 15721-A is given as Jelly Bean Rag on this issue.