BDW8010 | Chicago Rhythm 1923-28

Complete output of Al Turk’s Princess Orch. made fo rhe Olympic and Okeh labels plus the best of Charlie Straight’s Orch. from Paramount, Brunswick and Vocalion.

Single, $18.00



Al Turk’s Princess Orchestra
Al Turk (c) directing unknown (tb), (cl,as), (as), (ts), (p), (bjo), (bb), (d).
Chicago, c. October, 1924
1. Spain (Isham Jones) Supertone 1455
2. Shine (Ford Dabney) Supertone 1455
3. Sweet Little You (Irving M. Bibo) Olympic 1461
4. Copenhagen (—) Olympic 1461
5. Red Hot Mama (Wells, Cooper, Rose) Olympic 1463
6. King Porter Stomp (—) Olympic 1463
7. Down Romany Way (Dupre, Druding and Altiere) Olympic 1464
Note: Supertone 1455 is credited to Albert Turk’s Princess Dance Orch.

Al Turk’s Orchestra
Al Turk (c) directing unknown (c), (tb), (cl,as,ss), (as,ts), (p), (bjo), (bb), (d), D. Harris-Earl Hayden [who may be members of the band] (v).
Chicago, June 17, 1926
8. 9733-A Snag It (Oliver) Okeh 40653
9. 9734-A Hi Henry Stomp (Jones) Okeh 40653
10. 9735-A Mean Man (Turk-Harris-Davis) Okeh 8377
11. 9736-A One O’Clock Blues (Harris-Turk) -vDH Okeh 8377

Chicago, c. June 26, 1926
12. 9798-A I’m Just Wild About Animal Crackers (Rich-Coslow-Link)-vEH Okeh 40648
13. 9801-A Shanghai Honeymoon (Shockley-Hausman-Melrose) Okeh 40660

Mr. Gene Greene, The Rag-Time King
Gene Greene (v), accompanied by Charley Straight (p).
London, c. November, 1912
14. 92179 Rag-Time Soldier Man (Irving Berlin) Pathé 100

London, c. March, 1913
15. 92401 Rag, Rag, Rag (Flanagan & Don Heath) Pathé 544

Charley Straight’s Rendezvous Orchestra
Charley Straight (p) directing Lee Riley (c), Holmes Coltman (tb), Al Kvale (cl,as), Ray Puttnam (cl,ts), Julian Davidson (bjo), George Hookham (bb), Don Morgan (d).
Chicago, June, 1923
16. 1445-3 Buddy’s Habits (Charley Straight-Arnett Nelson) Paramount 20244
17. 1446-2 Henpecked Blues (Buffano) Paramount 20244

As above, probably with either Kvale or Puttnam doubling on baritone sax, and unknown violin added.
Chicago, September, 1923
18. 1505-2 Arkansas Mule (Jimmy Clark) Paramount 20264
19. 1511-3 Bathing Beauty Blues (A. Lawrence-R. Cooper) Paramount 20264

Chicago, October, 1923
20. 1542-3 Sweet Henry The Pride of Tennessee (Benny Davis-Harry Akst) Paramount 20271
21. 1543-2 Easy Melody (Larry Conley-Gene Rodemick) Paramount 20271

Chicago, December, 1923
22. 1617-1 Forgetful Blues (—) Puritan 11291
Note: This issue is credited to Frisco Syncopators.

Charley Straight’s Orchestra
Charley Straight (p) directing Gene Cafferelli and another (c), Randall Miller (tb), Bob Strong (mel,cl,as,vln), Frank Stoddard (cl,as), Dale Skinner (cl,ts), Frank Sylvano (bjo), Joe Gish or Gist (bb), Don Morgan (d).
Chicago, May 28, 1926
23. E-19403 Deep Henderson (Rose) Brunswick 3224
24. E-19405 Hobo’s Prayer (Senter-Hirsch) Vocalion 15388
25. E-19406 Hobo’s Prayer (Senter-Hirsch) Brunswick 3224
26. E-3314 Minor Gaff (Arluck-George) Vocalion 15388
Note: Vocalion 15388 is credited to The Tennessee Tooters, which is where Rust lists these two sides. According to Rust, these sides were recorded on June 29, 1926. The matrix numbers are taken from the original record; note that track 24’s matrix number is at odds with Rust’s listing which is given as E-3316, probably due to the different matrix series used for Brunswick and Vocalion.