BDW8011 | Florida Rhythm - The Story of Robert H. Cloud 1927-1931 The Elusive Composer, Arranger, Saxophonist and Pianist

The story of Robert Cloud. A compilation of all known recordings by this obscure composer, arranger, and musician. Liner notes by noted Canadian jazz writer Mark Miller contain original research used to piece together a biography of this shadowy figure. Rare and unusual recordings by the Ross De Luxe Syncopaters, Jacksonville Harmony Trio, QRS Boys, Rollin Smith, Robert Cloud Orch., Georgia Jumpers and the Grand Central Red Cap Quartet.

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Ross De Luxe Syncopaters
Alonzo Ross-p-v dir. Melvin Herbert-t/Robert “Cookie” Mason-t-v/Eddie Cooper-tb/Robert Cloud-reeds-arr/Earl Evans-Edmond Hall-reeds/Casker Towie-bjo-2nd p (as noted)-v/Richard Fulbright-bb/Frank A. Houston-d-v/Margaret Miller-v.
Savannah, Georgia, August 22, 1927
1. 39823-2 Skad-O-Lee (R.H. Cloud) – vMM Vi 20961
2. 39824-2 Don’t You Wanna Know? (R.H. Cloud) – vMM Vi 21537
3. 39825-4 Mary Bell (Casker Towie) Vi 20952
4. 39826-2 Monia (Melville Herbert-R.H. Cloud) – vRM Vi 21077
5. 39827-2 Florida Rhythm (R.H. Cloud) – vFAH Vi 20961
6. 39828-3 Believe Me, Dear (C. Mason-Claud) – ?2nd p-CT Vi 21537
7. 39829-3 Lady Mine (R.H. Cloud) Vi 20952
8. 39830-3 Baby, Stop Teasin’ Me (R.H. Cloud) – vEE-AR Vi 21077
1. Victor 21537 is credited to Rose de Luxe Syncopaters.
2. Monia is also known as You Gotta Know How To Love.
3. Believe Me, Dear is also known as The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise.

Jacksonville Harmony Trio
Charles Frazier (tenor voice)-Lester Pratt (baritone voice) accompanied by Sugar Underwood-p.
Savannah, Georgia, August 23, 1927
9. 39831-3 Jacksonville Blues (R.H. Cloud) -vCF-LP Vi 20960
10. 39832-1 Why Did You Leave Me Alone? (R.H. Cloud) -vCF Vi 21204
11. 39833-2 I Wonder (R.H. Cloud) – vLP Vi 21204
12. 39834-2 Them Piano Blues (R.H. Cloud) – vCF-LP Vi 20960
1. 39832-1 is credited to Charles Frazier (of the Jacksonville Harmony Trio), Tenor.
2. 39833-2 is credited to Lester Pratt (of the Jacksonville Harmony Trio), Baritone.

Q R S Boys
?Robert Cloud-ts/Walter “Fats” Pichon-p-v-sp/Benny Nawahi-stg/unknown-v-sp.
Long Island City, c. February, 1929
13. 336-A Dad Blame Blues (—) – vWFP QRS R-7067
14. 337-A Black Boy Blues (—) – vWFP-sp QRS R-7067
15. 338 Wiggle Yo Toes (—) – vWFP-sp QRS R-7062
16. 339 I’ve Seen My Baby (And It Won’t Be Long Now) (—) – vWFP QRS R-7062
Note: QRS R-7062 as Q R S Boys (Fat Pinchon At Piano).

Rollin Smith
Rollin Smith-v acc. by Robert Cloud and His Orchestra: 2t/tb/Robert Cloud-as-ts/2 other reeds/vln/p/bjo/sb.
New York, August 22, 1929
17. 148917-1 Trouble (Cloud) Clarion 5087-C

Robert Cloud and His Orchestra
2t/tb/Robert Cloud-as-ts/2 other reeds/vln/p/bjo/sb/v.
New York, August 22, 1929
18. 148918-2 Oh (—) – v Co test
The CBS files show Rollin Smith as vocalist on this master, but aurally this is not the case.
The CBS files show the composers as “Harrison-White”.

2t/tb/Robert Cloud-as-ts/2 other reeds/vln/p/bjo/bb/Herman Tapp-v.
New York, August 26, 1929
19. 148926-2 Oh! For Goodness Sake (Cloud) – vHT Clarion 5087-C

Georgia Jumpers
Benny Nawahi-stg-u dir. ?Robert Cloud-cl-as-ts/k/?Bruce Hinkson-vln-pic/?Wesley Wilson-p/g/v.
New York, April 7, 1931
20. 151489-2 Ukulele Benny (Nawahi) Co 14620-D
21. 151490-2 California Blues (Nawahi) Co 14603-D
22. 151491-2 The Big Feet Rag (Nawahi) Co 14620-D
23. 151492-2 Guitar Rhythm (Nawahi) – v Co 14603-D

Grand Central Red Cap Quartet
? Rollin Smith-____Garrison-?William Robinson-another-v accompanied by Robert Cloud-p.
New York, August 14, 1931
24. 151725-1 My Little Dixie Home (Cloud, Smith and Garrison) Co 14621-D
25. 151727-1 They Kicked The Devil Out Of Heaven (Cloud) Co 14621-D