BDW8018 | Jack Linx and Maurice Sigler - Recorded in Atlanta, 1924-1927

The complete recordings of Birmingham, Alabama bandleader Jack Linx, as well as the four sides by fellow Birmingham leader Maurice Sigler. Includes two unissued tests by Jack Linx.

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Jack Linx and His Society Serenaders

Jack Linx (cl,ss,as) dir. Coleman Sachs (c), Sidney Patterson (cl,as), Seibert Traxler (cl,ts,bar), Eph Tunkle or Gilbert Davis (p), Maurice Sigler (bjo,v), Frank Manning (bb), Carroll Gardner (d).
Atlanta, August 28, 1924
1. 8720-A How Come You Do Me Like You Do? (Gene Austin-Roy Bergere) Okeh 40192
2. 8721-A It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’ (Wendall Hall) -vMS Okeh 40188
3. 8723-A Doodle Doo Doo (Art Kassel-Mel Stitzel) Okeh 40188

Jack Linx and His Birmingham Society Serenaders
Atlanta, May, 1925
4. 9072-A Don’t You Try To High Hat Me (Jack Linx) Okeh 40458
5. 9074-A When I Think Of You (Vincent Rose) Odeon 03289
6. 9074-B When I Think Of You (Vincent Rose) Okeh 40365
7. 9075-A Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie-Pinkard-Casey) Okeh 40365

Atlanta, August, 1925
8. 9247-A Nellie (Coleman Sachs-Carroll Gardner) Okeh 40458
9. 9249-A Sunset (Ray Klages-Barney Rapp-Ray Trotta) Okeh 40439
10. 9250-A When Eyes Of Blue Are Fooling You (Jimmie Monaco) Okeh 40439
11. 9253-A She’s My Sheba, I’m Her Sheik (Jack Palmer-Spencer Williams) Okeh 40429
12. 9254-A Oh! How She Can Love (Harry Woods) Okeh 40429

Atlanta, March 12, 1926
13. 9604-A Just Around The Corner (Von Tilzer) Okeh 40587
14. 9605-A Nobody’s Rose (Rose) Okeh 40587
15. 9606-A O Me! O My! (Barr) Okeh 40619

Atlanta, March 13, 1926
16. 9611-A Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again (Shay) Okeh 40602
17. 9612-A Tiger Rag (La Rocca) Okeh 40619
18. 9613-A Fallen Arches (Ponce-Van Loan) Okeh 40602

Samuel Becker (tb) added; Charles Gardner (bjo,g) replaces Sigler.
Atlanta, March 16, 1927

19. 80544-A Beale St. Blues (Handy) Okeh 40803
20. 80545-B Pardon The Glove (Quicksell) Okeh 41014
21. 80546-A Bugle Call Rag (—) Test
22. 80547-C Stack O’Lee Blues (—) Test
23. 80548-A He’s The Last Word (Donaldson) Okeh 40803

Sigler’s Birmingham Merrymakers
Maurice Sigler (bjo) dir. unknown (c), (cl,as), (ts), Eph Tunkle or Gilbert Davis (p), (bb), (d), N. Sol Bearman (v).
Atlanta, August 28, 1924
24. 8828-A Mama’s Gone, Good-bye (Peter Bocage-A.J. Piron) Okeh 40280
25. 8829-A Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp Of Savannah) (Jack Yellen-Bob Bigelow-Chas. Bates) -vNSB Okeh 40280
26. 8830-A I Love Her (Sigler-Balsam) -vNSB Okeh 40310
27. 8831-A Step It (Sigler-Balsam) Okeh 40310