BDW8020 | Wilton Crawley, Showman, Composer and Clarinetist - Recorded in New York and Chicago 1927-1930

Almost all the recordings by this hot gaspipe style clarinetist (the balance are available on BDW8025) including four unissued test pressings, one of which is not even listed in “Rust”. Personnel includes Jelly Roll Morton, Henry “Red” Allen, Eddie Lang, Lonnie Johnson and Johnny St. Cyr.

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Wilton Crawley

Wilton Crawley (clt,v) acc. by Eddie Heywood, Sr. (p), Eddie Lang (g), John Truehart (bjo).
New York, May 31, 1927
1. 80944-B Crawley Blues (Heywood-Crawley) Okeh 8479
2. 80945-A Geechie River Blues (Heywood-Gilbert) Okeh 8492
Truehart omitted.

New York, June 4, 1927
3. 80983-C Irony Daddy Blues (Crawley) Okeh 8479
4. 80984-C She’s Forty With Me (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8492

Wilton Crawley (clt,v) acc. by unknown (p), Lonnie Johnson (g), probably Johnny St. Cyr (bjo).
Chicago, December 16, 1927
5. 82078-B She’s Nothing But Nice (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8555
6. 82079-B Crawley Clarinet Moan (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8539
7. 82080-A Love Will Drive Me Crazy (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8539
8. 82081-B Let’s Pretend To Be Sweethearts (Crawley) Okeh 8555

Banjo omitted.

Chicago, December 17, 1927
9. 82091-B Diamonds In The Rough (—) Test

Wilton Crawley (clt,v) acc. by Eddie Heywood, Sr. (p), Eddie Lang (g).
New York, May 31, 1928
10. 400724-C Wishing (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8718
11. 400725-B Old Broke Up Shoes (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8589
12. 400726-A I’m Forever Changing Sweethearts (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8589
13. 400727-B Put A Flavor To Love (—)-vWC Test

New York, September 4, 1928
14. 401096-B Tall Tillie’s Too Tight (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8619
15. 401097-A Snake Hip Dance (—)-vWC Test

New York, September 6, 1928
16. 401100-A My Perfect Thrill (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8718
17. 401101-B Shadow Of The Blues (Crawley)-vWC Okeh 8619

Wilton Crawley

Wilton Crawley (clt,v) acc. by Henry Allen (t), Charlie Holmes (as), unknown (ts), Luis Russell (p), Will Johnson (g), George “Pops” Foster (sb), Paul Barbarin (d).
New York, October 3, 1929
18. 56747-2 Snake Hip Dance (Wilton Crawley)-vWC Victor V-38094
19. 56748-2 She’s Driving Me Wild (Wilton Crawley)-vWC Victor V-38094

Wilton Crawley and His Orchestra

Two unknown (one of whom may be Henry Allen) (t), unknown (tb), Wilton Crawley (clt), Charlie Holmes (as), Jelly Roll Morton-Luis Russell (p), unknown (g,bjo), George “Pops” Foster (sb), ?Sonny Greer (d).
New York, December 2, 1929
20. 57565-2 You Oughta See My Gal (Wilton Crawley) Victor V-38136
21. 57566-1 Futuristic Blues (Wilton Crawley) Victor V-38136TD>
22. 57567-2 Keep Your Business To Yourself (Wilton Crawley) Victor V-38116
23. 57568-1 She’s Got What I Need (Wilton Crawley) Victor V-38116

Henry Allen (t), Wilton Crawley (clt,v), Charlie Holmes (as), Jelly Roll Morton (p), Teddy Bunn (g), George “Pops” Foster (sb), Bruce Johnson (wb).
New York, June 3, 1930
24. 62188-2 Victor 23292
25. 62189-1 I’m Her Papa, She’s My Mama (—)-vWC Test
26. 62189-2 I’m Her Papa, She’s My Mama (W. Crawley)-vWC Victor 23344
Note: Victor 23344 is credited to Wilton Crawley and The Washboard Rhythm Kings.