BDW8021 | Dallas Rhythm - Recorded in Dallas and St. Louis, 1924-1929

Includes the complete recordings of Dallas-based bandleader Jack Gardner, as well as selected recordings by Randolph McCurtain, Phil Baxter and Herman Waldman. The 32 page booklet includes extensive liner notes by researcher Dick Raichelson, as well as previously unpublished information and newly-found details of the activities of these territory bandleaders.

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Jack Gardner’s Orchestra

Johnnie Mills-?Charlie Willis (c), Stanton Crocker (tb, v), Robert B. Dean-Robert K. Harris-?Bernie Dillon (reeds), Jack Gardner (p, dir), ?Earl D. McMahan (bjo), ?Ralph W. “Cricket” Brown (bb), Bob Blassingame (d), Dillon White (v, possibly an instrument), Belcanto Quartet (v). Someone doubles on violin, probably one of the reedmen.
Dallas, early September 1924
1. 8746-A Too Late Now (Jack Gardner-Gene Rodemich-Larry Conley) OK 40265
2. 8747-A Ponjola (Gardner-Crocker-McMahan) OK 40245
3. 8748-B Who? You? (Jack Gardner)-vDW OK 40339
4. 8749-A I Know She Does (Because She Told Me So) (Jack Gardner)-vSC OK 40245
5. 8750-A Who’d A Thunk It (Jack Gardner) OK 40339
6. 8751-A By The River Nile (Jack Gardner) OK 40495
7. 8752-B Blackin’ Blues (M. La Porte-Nat. Nathanson)-vSC OK 40265
8. 8753-A You’ll Never Know The Difference (A Hundred Years From Now) (Gardner)-vBQ OK 40572

?Lou J. Harris-?Oren M. Barnett (c), Stanton Crocker (tb, v), Robert B. Dean-Robert K. Harris-?Bernie Dillon (reeds), Jack Gardner (p, dir), unknown (bjo), Ralph W. “Cricket” Brown (bb), Bob Blassingame (d). Someone doubles on violin, probably one of the reedmen. On The Camel Walk, someone may double on goofus; unknown scat/grunt vocal duet.
Dallas, c. October 16-17, 1925
9. 9352-A Ida, I Do (Isham Jones) OK 40501
10. 9353-A Give Me Just A Little Bit (Of Your Love) (Palmer-Williams) OK 40555
11. 9354-B Hitch Up The Horses (Con Conrad-Faul Bernie-Jack Meskill)-vSC OK 40495
12. 9355-A Hot Aire (Schoebel) OK 40518
13. 9356-A The Camel Walk (Smith-Brymn)-v2 OK 40518
14. 9357-B When A Blonde Makes Up Her Mind To Do You Good (Sammy Fain-Willie Raskin-Irving Mills)-vSC OK 40501
15. 9358-B Japp-A-Jazz (Gardner) OK 40555

Irene Taylor

Irene Taylor (v), accompanied by Jack Gardner’s Orchestra: ?Lou J. Harris or ?Oren M. Barnett (c), Stanton Crocker (tb), probably Robert B. Dean (cl), either Robert K. Harris or Bernie Dillon (as), Jack Gardner (p), unknown (bjo), Ralph W. “Cricket” Brown (bb).
Dallas, c. October 18, 1925
16. 9363-A I Did Wanta, But I Don’t Wanta Now (Gardner) OK 40527
17. 9364-A I Ain’t Thinkin’ ‘Bout You (Gardner) OK 40527

Jack Gardner’s Orchestra

Same personnel as for c. October 16-17, 1925 session.
Dallas, c. October 18, 1925
18. 9365-A I’m A Little Prairie Flower (I’m Wild, I’m Wild) (Gardner)-vSC OK 40572

Randolph McCurtain’s College Ramblers

?Boyce Barnett-?Raymond C. Jasper (c), unknown (tb), three reeds, (vln), (p), (bjo), (bb), Randolph McCurtain (d, dir).
Dallas, c. October 18, 1925
19. 9366-A Sweet Girl Mary (Barnett-Jasper) OK Ramblers 1
20. 9368-A Low Down Brown (Barnett) OK Ramblers 1

Phil Baxter’s Orchestra

Mortimer “Red” Millard (c), Al Jennings (tb), Ben “Ole” Wilkins (cl,as,ts), Phil Baxter (p, dir), R. D. “Red” Reeves (bjo), J. D. “Shorty” Johnson (d).
St. Louis, c. October 24, 1925
21. 9401-A If I Had You And You Had Me (Baxter) OK 40637
22. 9403-A Waiting (Baxter) OK 40522
23. 9404-A Something Tells Me (Baxter) OK 40522

Herman Waldman and His Orchestra

Kenneth Switzer-Lee Mac Rogers (t), William V. E. Clements (tb), Robert B. Dean, Arno Navratil, and Robert K. Harris (reeds), Herman “Hymie” Waldman (vln, dir), Thomas Blake (p), J. V. “Red” Mills (bjo), Barney Dodd (bb), Reggie Coughlin (d).
Dallas, c. November 1, 1929
24. DAL-567 Marbles (—) Bruns 4649