BDW8024 | Louisiana Rhythm Kings

The complete recordings by this Red Nichols-led recording group, including all of the rare Vocalion sides and a previously unissued take of “Pretty Baby”. Features many top sidemen including Miff Mole, Pee Wee Russell, Bud Freeman, Jimmy Dorsey, Fud Livingston and Jack Teagarden.

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Louisiana Rhythm Kings (Direction of Red Nichols)

Red Nichols (c,arr), Glenn Miller (tb, arr), Dudley Fosdick (mel), Fud Livingston (cl,ts), Arthur Schutt (p), Vic Berton (d).
New York, February 20, 1929
1. E-29319 Futuristic Rhythm (Fields-McHugh) Vocalion 15779
2. E-29320 Out Where The Blues Begin (Fields-McHugh) Vocalion 15779
3. E-29321 That’s-A-Plenty (Pollack) Vocalion 15784
Red Nichols (c,arr), Glenn Miller (tb, arr), Benny Goodman (cl), Arthur Schutt (p), Vic Berton (d).
New York, April 23, 1929
4. E-29689 Ballin’ The Jack (Smith) Vocalion 15828
5. E-29691 I’m Walking Through Clover (I’m Happy In Love) (Friend-Pollack) Vocalion 15810
Note: Matrix E-29690, Then You’ve Never Been Blue, was rejected. This title, along with the 23 issued LRK titles, fulfilled Nichols’ March 1, 1929 contract calling for 24 selections to be released as the LRK.

Red Nichols (c,arr), Jack Teagarden (tb,v), Pee Wee Russell (cl), Bud Freeman (ts), Joe Sullivan (p), Dave Tough (d).
New York, June 11, 1929
6. E-30029 That Da Da Strain (Dowell-Medina) Vocalion 15828
7. E-30030 Basin Street Blues (Williams)-vJT Vocalion 15815
8. E-30031 Last Cent (Austin-Prince) Vocalion 15815
Red Nichols (c), Tommy Thunen (t), Glenn Miller (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Irving Brodsky (p), Dave Tough (d), Ken Sisson (arr) as noted.
New York, September 10, 1929
9. E-30544 Waiting At The End Of The Road (Berlin)-arrKS Vocalion 15833
10. E-30545 Little By Little (O’Keefe-Dolan) Vocalion 15841
11. E-30546 Marianne (Kirk-Ahlert) (sic) Vocalion 15833
Louisiana Rhythm Kings

Red Nichols (c), Tommy Thunen (t), Glenn Miller (tb, arr), Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as), Babe Russin (ts), Adrian Rollini (bsx), Jack Russin (p), Wes Vaughan (bjo,g), Gene Krupa (d).
New York, January 20, 1930
12. E-31943 Swanee (Caesar-Gershwin) Brunswick 4845
13. E-31944 Squeeze Me (Williams-Waller) Brunswick 4953
14. E-31945 Oh, Lady Be Good! (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin) Brunswick 4706
15. E-31946 Sweet Sue – Just You (Harris-Young) Brunswick 4953
16. E-31947 Meanest Kind O’ Blues (Jackson) Brunswick 4845
17. E-31948 I Have To Have You (Robin-Whiting) Brunswick 4706

New York, January 27, 1930
18. E-31911 O’er The Billowy Sea (Nowlin-Smith) Brunswick 4908
19. E-31912-A Lazy Daddy (La Rocca-Shields-Ragas) Brunswick 4923
20. E-31913 Karavan (Olman-Wiedoeft) Brunswick 4908
21. E-31914-A Pretty Baby (Kahn-Jackson-Van Alstyne) Brunswick 4938
22. E-31914-B Pretty Baby (—) Brunswick test
23. E-31915 Tell Me (Callahan-Kortlander) Brunswick 4938
24. E-31916-A There’s Egypt In Your Dreamy Eyes (Brown-Spencer) Brunswick 4923