BDW8025 | Hot Springs, Arkansas 1937

The complete jazz and blues recordings made during an ARC field trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas in March 1937. Includes the complete recordings of The Range Riders, Ike Ragon, Three Fifteen and His Squares, Fats Smith, Original Yellow Jackets, Albert Gale and Tommy Settles.

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The Range Riders

Unknown (cl,as), (vln), (p), (g), (sb), (bb), Ruth Byles-Little Willie (v). Both of the vocalists may also play instruments. Little Willie may be Bill Barnes, the composer of The Range Riders’ Stomp. The composers of Who Calls You Sweet Mama Now?, Heath and Walker, as well as Spec Harrison, Gough and Roberts (the composers of three unissued masters) may also be members of the band.
Hot Springs, March 1, 1937
1. 1-1 The Range Riders’ Stomp (Bill Barnes) Vocalion 03579
2. 3-2 No Foolin’ (Buck-Hanley)-vRB Vocalion 03579
3. 5-1 Who Calls You Sweet Mama Now? (Heath-Walker)-vLW Vocalion 03503
4. 7-2 It Don’t Mean A Thing (Ellington-Mills)-vLW Vocalion 03548
5. 9-1 How Come You Do Me Like You Do (Berger-Austin)-vLW Vocalion 03503
6. 10-2 Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Henderson-Lewis-Young)-vLW Vocalion 03548

Fats Smith and His Rhythm Kings

Aubrey Yancey-Earl Watkins (t), William Pate (ts), Durant Allen (p), Jesse “Brownie” Saville (g), Wiley Fuller (sb), Theodore Saville (d), Fats Smith (v).
Hot Springs, March 2, 1937
7. 11-2 If I Had You In My Arms (Meechie Smith)-vFS Vocalion 03528
8. 12-2 Music Makes Me Feel That Way (Meechie Smith)-vFS Vocalion 03528

Three Fifteen and His Squares

Dave Bluntson (p,v) acc. by unknown (t), (ts), (g), (sb), (d).
Hot Springs, March 3, 1937
9. 14-2 Saturday Night On Texas Avenue (Dave Bluntson)-vDB Vocalion 03515
10. 15-1 Drop My Stuff (Dave Bluntson)-vDB Vocalion 03560
11. 16-1 Mollie Mae Blues (Dave Bluntson)-vDB Vocalion 03560
12. 17-1 Three Fifteen Blues (Dave Bluntson)-vDB Vocalion 03515

The Original Yellow Jackets

Aubrey Yancey (t,v), Earl Watkins (t), Monroe Fingers (cl,as), Clifton Jones (as), William Pate (ts), Durant Allen (p), Jesse “Brownie” Saville (g), Wiley Fuller (sb), Theodore Saville (d).
Hot Springs, March 5, 1937
13. 22-2 Swinging At The Chat And Chew (—) Vocalion 03549
14. 23-2 Yellow Jackets Get Together (—) Vocalion 03549
15. 25-2 Cross Street Swing (Forrest Powell) Vocalion 03591
16. 26-2 Blue Drag (Josef Myrow)-vAY Vocalion 03591
17. 27-1 Business After Midnight (—) Perfect 7-05-71
18. 28-2 The Hour Of Parting (Kahn-Spoliansky)-vAY Perfect 7-05-71

Ike Ragon and His Orchestra

Ike Ragon (t,arr,v) dir. unknown (t), (tb), ?Paul Thatcher, ?Les Pinter, unknown (reeds), ?Merrill Ramsey (p), ?Jimmy Reda (g), (sb), ?Claude Humphreys (d). Fred Irving may also be a member, unknown instrument.
Hot Springs, March 14, 1937
19. 53-1 Truckin’ On The Old Camp Ground (Fred Irving)-vIR Vocalion 03547
Harlem Blues (Paul Thatcher)-vIR Vocalion 03547
21. 55-1 Slap That Bass (I. Gershwin-G. Gershwin)-vIR Vocalion 03513
22. 56-1 Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin) Vocalion 03513

Albert Gale and His Orchestra

Albert Gale dir. unknown (t). three (reeds), (p), (sb), (d), Marvin “Skeets” Morris (v,unknown instrument). Members of this band may include the following individuals (home union locals given in parenthesis – refer to album notes): Walter Gibbs, L.V. Davidson, O.A. Kopp, C.F. Wobbe, H.G. Diekman, G.L. Warren, and J.E. Pearson (all from Louisville, Kentucky); Norman Mauer (Boone, Iowa), Morgan Berry (Omaha, Nebraska), Clarence Schenk (Evansville, Indiana), Frank S. Lewis (Montgomery, Albama), and James Burlingame (Cambridge, Ohio). Lark Merryman (Fort Dodge, Iowa) was also listed with the Gale band in September 1937, but he joined after the recording session.
Hot Springs, March 16, 1937
23. 66-2 Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down (Quicksell-Lodwig) Vocalion 03514
24. 67-2 Horses And Numbers (—)-vSM Vocalion 03514
Note: The ARC files give the composers of matrix HS-67 as Bernard-Wirges; this information does not appear on the record label.

Tommy Settles With Ezekiel Lowe And Lee Bunkley

Tommy Settles (k, v) acc. by Ezekiel Lowe and Lee Bunkley, (p) and (g), but it is not known which instrument each plays.
Hot Springs, March 16, 1937
25. 70-4 Pearlie Mae Blues (—) Melotone 7-07-70
26. 71-4 Don’t Want You No More (—) Melotone 7-07-70
Note: These masters are both probably dubs of the corresponding take 2s.

Jazzbo Tommy and his Lowlanders

Tommy Settles (k, v) acc. by Ezekiel Lowe and Lee Bunkley, (p) and (g), but it is not known which instrument each plays. Unknown (wb) added on You Don’t Mean Me No Good.
Hot Springs, March 18, 1937
27. 80-2 You Don’t Mean No Good (—) Perfect 7-05-79
28. 81-2 Blaze Face Cow (—) Melotone 7-05-79