BDW8028 | Sam Manning Vol. 1

The first CD devoted to the complete output by this important New York stage performer. Shows the fusion of West Indian calypso rhythms with hot jazz and even vaudeville influences. Includes some of the fantastically rare sides made for Okeh’s short lived 65000 West Indian series. Jazz collectors note – this is HOT black jazz!

Single, $18.00



Sam Manning accompanied by Palmer’s Orchestra

Taffy Palmer (pno), Cyril Monrose (vln), unknown (flute), unknown (cuatro), [alternatively spelled quatro]
July 18, 1924
1. 72672-A Amba Cay La (Under the House) (Sam Manning) OKeh 65003
2. 72673-B Susan Monkey Walk (Sam Manning) OKeh 65003
As before,
29 July 1924
3. 72708-B My Little West Indian Girl (Sam Manning) OKeh 65002
4. 72709-B Baby (Sam Manning) OKeh 65002

Sam Manning accompanied by Fred Hall’s Orchestra

Possibly Carl Edlund (sax), possibly Tom Emerson (vln), Fred Hall (pno, leader, arranger), possibly Albert Russo (bjo), possibly Joseph Mayo (perc.).
August 1924
5. 1864- African Blues (-) Paramount 12229

Sam Manning accompanied by Cole Jazz Trio

Possibly Rupert Cole (clt-1-alto sax-2), unknown (guitar box beaten as percussion-3), possibly Lionel Belasco (cuatro).
June 29, 1925
6. 73485-A Mabel (See What You’ve Done) (Manning)-1 OKeh 65004
7. 73486-A Camilla (When You Go, Please Don’t Come Back) (Manning)-1 OKeh 65005
8. 73487-A The Bargee (Belasco)-2 -3 OKeh 65004
9. 73488-A Sweet Willie (Manning-Fred Hall)-2 OKeh 65005

Sam Manning

Possibly Rupert Cole (sax), possibly Gerald Clark (gtr), possibly Lionel Belasco (cuatro)
Probably New York City, August 1925
10. 9268-B Englerston Blues (Englerston Quartette) OKeh 65007
11. 9269-B Home’s Delight (-) OKeh 65007

Sam Manning accompanied by Cole Jazz Orchestra

Probably Porter Grainger (pno), possibly Rupert Cole-1 (clt), possibly Rupert Cole-2 (sax), Gerald Clark? (gtr), possibly Lionel Belasco (cuatro), probably Sam Manning-3 (bottle and spoon).
September 21, 1925
12. 141020-1 Let Go My Hand (Manning and Grainger)-2 Columbia 14110-D
13. 141021-1 Bungo (Manning)-2 -3 Columbia 14110-D
14. 141022-1 Mabel, Open Your Door (-) -1 Columbia 2300-X
15. 141023-2 Lignum Vitae (Long Life) (-) -1 Columbia 2300-X

Sam Manning accompanied by Cole Mentor Orchestra

Probably Porter Grainger (pno), unknown (clt), possibly Rupert Cole (sax), Gerald Clark? (bjo).
Circa December 30, 1925
16. 73881-B Sly Mongoose (Belasco) OKeh 65008
17. 73882-A Sweet Mama Ring Ding Ding (Manning) OKeh 65009
18. 73883-A Barbadoes Blues (Manning) OKeh 65009
19. 73884-B Brown Boy (Manning) OKeh 65008

Sam Manning accompanied by Blue Hot Syncopators

Unknown (pno), (cnt), (clt), (sax), Gerald Clark? (bjo), probably Sam Manning-1 (dm).
February 1926
20. 74031-B Keep Your Hands Off That (Manning) OKeh 8302
21. 74032-B Go, I’ve Got Somebody Sweeter Than You (Manning)-1 OKeh 8302

Sam Manning’s Orchestra

Unknown (clt), (sax), Gerald Clark (gtr), Unknown (bjo), (sb), Sam Manning vocal-1.
May 27, 1926
22. 95118-2 Hold Him Joe (My Donkey Wants Water) -Mentor (Sam Manning) Columbia 2409-X
23. 95119-3 Buddy Eddy – Mentor (Manning and Gettings) Columbia 2410-X
24. 95120-2 Jamaica Blues – Mentor (Manning and Thenstead)-1 Columbia 2410-X
25. 95121-2 Oh Emily! – Trinidad Carnival (Sam Manning)-1 Columbia 2409-X

Marsa Langman (Sam Manning) accompanied by Donald Heywood’s West Indian Band

Donald Heywood (pno), Cyril Monrose? + Unknown (tnr saxes -1), Cyril Monrose? (tnr sax -2), Gerald Clark? cuatro (rhythm gtr?).
June 9, 1927
26. 38894-1 Touch Me All About, But Don’t Touch Me Dey (-) -1 Victor 80777
27. 38895-2 Mister Joseph Strut Your Stuff (D. Heywood)-2 Victor 80777