BDW8029 | Sam Manning Vol. 2

Finalises the complete output by this important New York stage performer up to 1930. Includes rare sides issued on Columbia’s export “X” series. Jazz collectors note – this is HOT black jazz!

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Sam Manning accompanied by Adolphe Thenstead’s Mentor Boys

Adolphe Thenstead (pno), Walter Edwards (clt), Cyril Monrose? (sax), possibly Gerald Clark (bjo), probably Sam Manning (bottle and spoon – 1), probably Sam Manning-2 (claves).
June 23, 1927
1. 81104-A Bongo (Manning – Grainger)-1 OKeh 8488
2. 81105-A Pepper Pot (Manning) OKeh 8488
3. 81106-A Lignum Vitae (Manning) OKeh 8487
4. 81107-B Emily (Manning)-2 OKeh 8487

Sam Manning

Unknown (pno), Cyril Monrose? (sax), Unknown (cuatro).
February 2, 1928
5. E 26342 Bouncing Baby Boy (Sam Manning) Brunswick 7026
6. E 26343 Woman’s Sweeter Than Man (L. Belasco) Brunswick 7026

Sam Manning-Anna Freeman

vocals with Porter Grainger (pno).
March 19, 1928
7. E 27041 Nothin’ But A Double Barrel Shotgun’s Gonna Keep Me Away From You (Porter Grainger) Br 7027
8. E 27043 Goin’ Back To Jamaica (Porter Grainger) Br 7027
9. E 27046 The American Woman And West Indian Man (Porter Grainger) – Pt.1 Br 7028
10. E 27047 The American Woman And West Indian Man (Porter Grainger) – Pt.2 Br 7028

Sam Manning accompanied by Jack Celestain and His Caribbean Serenaders

Jack Celestain (pno), Cyril Monrose? (sax), Gerald Clark (gtr), Unknown (cuatro).
April 3, 1928
11. 400190-A Sweetie Charlie (Manning) OKeh 8567
12. 400191-B Lita (Manning) OKeh 8568

As before,
April 4, 1928
13. 400192-A Lieutenant Julian (Manning) OKeh 8567
14. 400193-B You Can’t Get Anything Out Of Me (Manning) OKeh 8568

Jack Celestain and His Caribbean Stompers

Jack Celestain (pno), Unknown (clt-1), Unknown (sax), Cyril Monrose (vln), Dr. Charlie Ford (cello bass), Gerald Clark (gtr), Unknown (cuatro-2).
September 1928
15. 96742-2 Barbadoes Blues (-) -2 Columbia 3268-X
16. 96743-4 Lita (-) -1 Columbia 3269-X

Sam Manning’s Orchestra

2nd male voice-1, Jack Celestain? (pno), Cyril Monrose? (sax), Walter Edwards? (clt), Unknown (Sb), Gerald Clark (gitr or cuatro?), probably Sam Manning (maracas -2).
January 8, 1930
17. 703089-1 Talking To Myself (I. Ghee) Columbia 3939-X
18. 703090-2 I’m Going Your Way (I. Ghee) Columbia 3939-X
19. 703091-1 Caribbean Moonlight (Sam Manning) Columbia 3940-X
20. 703092-1 B.G. Blues (Sam Manning) Columbia 3941-X
21. 703093-2 Back To My West Indian Home (Sam Manning) Columbia 3940-X
22. 703094-2 Femme Martinique (Sam Manning)-1 -2 Columbia 3942-X
23. 703095-1 Bacchanale (Sam Manning)-1 -2 Columbia 3942-X
24. 703096-2 Land Of Humming Birds (Sam Manning)-2 Columbia 3941-X

2 guitars – one or both guitarists may be with the “Dúo Caribe,” who shared the session with Manning
December 1930
25. W 703470- Sinking Of The Kate Esau (Hector J. Dick) Columbia 4414-X