BDW8030 | Original Indiana 5, Volume 2

The second of four volumes by this prolific jazz band, including rare sides made for Gennett in 1925. Liner notes by Mike May include newly-found information on the band members.

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St. Louis Rhythm Kings

Mickey Bloom (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Louis Maesto (cl), Nick Moleri (p), Christian Maesto (d).
New York, April 4, 1925
1. 140494-2 She’s My Sheba, I’m Her Sheik (Palmer and Williams) Columbia 349-D
2. 140495-3 Papa, De-Da-Da (Williams, Todd and Williams) Columbia 349-D

Maggie Jones

Maggie Jones (v), accompanied by the St. Louis Rhythm Kings, personnel as above.
New York, June 12, 1925
3. 140662-3 He’s Just A Horn-Tootin’ Fool (Davis, Busse and Gorman) Columbia 14081-D
4. 140663-1 Go Get ‘Em Caroline (Myer and Creamer) Columbia 14081-D

Original Indiana Five

Tom Morton (d) dir. James Christie (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as), Harry Ford (p), unknown (whistle) where shown.
New York, c. June 19, 1925
5. 9618-A Cuckoo (Reitz)-?whistle Gennett 3083
6. 9619-A Say Arabella (Kahn-Fiorito) Gennett 3083
7. 9620-A Two Tired Eyes (Davis-Richman-Meyer) Gennett 3083

New York, c. July 14, 1925
8. 9666-A Croonin’ A Tune (Weill-Fain-McHugh) Gennett 3106
9. 9667-B Red Hot Henry Brown (Rose) Gennett 3112
10. 9668-A Indiana Stomp (Original Indiana Five) Gennett 3112

Tom Morton (d) dir. James Christie (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as), Harry Ford (p).
New York, c. August 13, 1925
11. 9684-A Oh! Boy What A Girl (Green-Wright-Bessinger) Gennett 3121

New York, c. August 19, 1925
12. 9698-A Pretty Puppy (Conrad-Bernie) Gennett 3153

Original Indiana Five (Tom Morton, Director)

Same personnel.
New York, c. September 2, 1925
13. 73586-B Oh! Boy, What A Girl (Wright-Bessinger) Okeh 40456
14. 73587-B Indiana Stomp (Original Indiana Five) Okeh 40456

Original Indiana Five

Same personnel.
New York, c. September 21, 1925
15. 9738 Siberia (Ponce-Van Loan) Gennett 3150
16. 9739-B I’m Goin’ Out If Lizzie Comes In (Brown-Desylva-Henderson) Gennett 3148
17. 9740-B (Take ‘Em To The Door) That’s All There Is There Ain’t No More Blues (Rose-Davis-Henderson) Gennett 3150

New York, c. October 8, 1925
18. 9763-A I’m “Gonna” Hang Around My Sugar (Palmer-Williams) Gennett 3166
19. 9764-A Melancholy Lou (Hibbeler-Hibbeler) Gennett 3166

Same personnel; someone probably doubles on piano on track 22.
New York, c. November 6, 1925
20. 9812-A No Man’s Mama (Yellen-Pollack) Gennett 3183
21. 9813 Everybody’s Doin’ The Charleston Now (White-Mack-Johnson) Gennett 3182
22. 9814-A Everybody Stomp (Meyers-Schoebel) Gennett 3181

New York, c. December 5, 1925
23. 9880-A Pensacola (Rose) Gennett 3218
24. 9881-A Fallen Arches (Ponce-Van Loan) Gennett 3230