BDW8031 | Original Indiana 5, Volume 3

The third of four volumes by this band, including the Pathe recordings by two related bands, the Black Diamond Serenaders and Tommy Morton’s Grangers. The booklet includes notes by Mike May, as well as rare, newly-found photographs.

Single, $18.00



Original Indiana Five

Tom Morton (d) dir. James Christie (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as), Harry Ford (p), Tony Colucci (bjo).
New York, January 14, 1926
1. 106537 I’d Rather Be Alone (Just Thinking Of You) (Yellen-Ager) Perfect 14558
2. 106538 Lo-Nah (Stept-Green) Perfect 14560

Tom Morton (d,k,v) dir. James Christie (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as), Harry Ford (p,v), unknown (bjo,g).
New York, c. March 19, 1926
3. 106726 Sittin’ Around (Kahn-Sanders) Perfect 14601
4. 106727 Hard To Get Gertie (Yellen-Ager) Perfect 14609
5. 106728 Too Bad (Meyers-Schoebel)-vTM-HF Perfect 14601

Unknown (bjo, g) omitted; one of the musicians simulates a train whistle (tw), where noted.
New York, c. March 30, 1926
6. 1896-B Pensacola (Fred Rose)-tw Cameo 924
7. 1897-C Hard To Get Gertie (Ager-Yellen) Cameo 924

Original Indiana Five (Tom Morton, Director)

Same personnel, unknown speech (sp), where noted.
New York, April 7, 1926
8. 74092-B Hard To Get Gertie (Yellen-Ager ) OKeh 40599
9. 74093-B Pensacola (Rose)-tw-sp OKeh 40599

Original Indiana Five

New York, c. April , 1926
10. 3828 Lady Lou (Berwick) Clover 1675
11. 3829-A My Own Blues (Winters) Grey Gull 1332
12. 3830 Someone Waits For Me (Chelsey) Dandy 5160

Black Diamond Serenaders

Tony Tortomas (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as,bar), Harry Ford (p), Tony Colucci (bjo), Tom Morton (d).
New York, c. June 8, 1926
13. 106908 Sally’s Not The Same Old Sally (Bernard-Stept) Actuelle 11300
14. 106909 Ace In The Hole (Pamico-Schoebel) (sic) Perfect 14692
15. 106910 Toe-To-Toe (Black Diamonds) Actuelle 11300

Original Indiana Five

Tom Morton (d, k) dir. Tony Tortomas (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo (cl,as), Harry Ford (p).
New York, October, 1926
16. 3973-2? Jack Ass Blues (Kassel-Stitzel) Bell 445
17. 3974 Gettin’ The Blues (E. Dolan) Bell 445
18. 3975 Can You Picture That? (E. Dolan) Emerson 3069

New York, October, 1926
19. 3988 My Baby Knows How (Davis, Akst & Richman) Bell 456
20. 3989 Heebie Jeebies (Atkins-Jones) Bell 456
21. 3990-1 Cow Bell Blues (—) NML 1191

Tommy Morton’s Grangers

Tom Morton (d) dir. Tony Tortomas-?Sammy Castin (t), Pete Pellizzi (tb), Nick Vitalo-?Gus Fetterer (cl,as), ?Bill King (ts), unknown (vln), Harry Ford (p), Tony Colucci (bjo), Johnny Ryan (v).
New York, October, 1926
22. 107183 How Could Red Riding Hood (Randolph)-vJR Pathé 36544
23. 107184 When I Kissed You, I Kissed The Blues Good-Bye (Hal Morton)-vJR Perfect 14730
24. 107185 Baby Mine (Hal Morton)-vJR Perfect 14729