Help Wanted

One of our challenges is that we tend to have more projects in mind than we can reasonably complete without help from other interested collectors and researchers. In addition, we are happy to entertain suggestions of projects that could be undertaken, particularly if the person making the suggestion is willing to take a lead role in programming, sourcing original recordings, and writing high quality liner notes. Recognition for contributions are given in the CD liner, and complimentary copies of CDs are available to contributors.

Things we need help with at present are:

Project & Help Sought
  • Gilbert Watson Orch. on any of the following Canadian labels – Apex, Starr-Gennett, Microphone and Lucky Strike
  • Millard Thomas on Ajax
  • Theodore West on Ajax

If you’d like to help, please contact us at E-mail
We are always interested in purchasing collections of 78 RPM jazz, hot dance, and blues records.
Please contact us by email at E-mail