Our Team

The Jazz Oracle Team, from L to R, Colin J. Bray, John R.T. Davies and John Wilby. Photograph taken at the first board meeting, Burnham, March 1997. Later that day a unique event took place when we were visited by the board of directors of VJM magazine – Mark Berresford and Russ Shor.



Jazz Oracle’s restoration studios are located in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England.




John R.T. Davies correcting the pitch of a recording using the very latest technology – a Cornopean from around 1830! This particular example was found in battered unplayable condition on the wall of Temperance Seven cornetist, Capt. Cephas Howard (cashiered) and returned to working condition by “Sheik Haroun of Wadi el Yadounir” (alias John R.T. Davies).



John RTD at work transferring 78 rpm recordings for BDW8009, the Gennett Rarities CD. Although the very latest digital technology is used, John still prefers to keep his 78s warm with a 1920s electric fire – two bar variety of course!

Jeff Healey, John R.T. Davies and Colin Bray performing at Daniels Restaurant, Nobleton, Ontario, Canada in 1996. Jeff Healey, better known for his exploits in the rock music field, including two Gold CDs in the U.S., is also a major collector and expert in 1920s jazz and hot dance music. He supplied the notes to Jazz Oracle’s three CDs devoted to the Dorsey Brothers (BDW8004, 8005 and 8006). Daniels Restaurant is an oasis of Classic Jazz, presenting monthly jazz evenings since 1996 along with outstanding quality cuisine. Daniels is situated about 40 minutes north of Toronto in rural Ontario and can be contacted at (905) 859-0060.


More “friends of Jazz Oracle”. Back row, L to R, Eugene Miller, Tom Tsotsi, John Wilby, Joe Showler, Front row, John R.T. Davies and Colin Bray. Taken at the 1993 Canadian Collectors’ Congress, an annual event which has been running continuously since 1971. All have supplied original 78 rpm recordings for our projects and Joe Showler is presently involved supplying notes for our five volumes on Ben Pollack. Joe, a resident of Toronto, is well known as THE expert on Jack Teagarden and is currently finishing a book on the day to day exploits of his idol. He is also the producer of “Vernon” CDs devoted to issuing the work of Jack Teagarden. Interested parties can contact Joe Showler at 2483 Queen St. East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4E 1H9.

Our circle of contributors

We have been very fortunate in having the assistance of many collectors and enthusiasts from around the world who have allowed access to their rare records and supplied notes, photographs and information for our booklets. We thank them all:

Dan Allen, Punch Anderson, Kelly Baird, Charlie Bob Ballew, Anthony Barnett, Steven C. Barr, Roger Beardsley, Howard Berg, Werner Benecke, Dave Bennett, Mark Berresford, Victor Blanc, the late Peter Bradford, Michael Brooks, Jack Brown, Keith Brunies, Paul Burgess, Tony Burke, Bob Burkman, Grant Cairns, Michele Campo, John Capes, the late Henrietta Bourgeois Cazabon, Michael Corenthal, John Cowley, Ken Crawford, Sue Davies, Nick Dellow, Les Docks, Frank Driggs, the late Harold Drob, Sherwin Dunner, the Edison National Historic Site, Hans Eekhoff, Han Enderman, David Evans, Jerry Fabris, Rachel Fairley, Christopher Ferreira, Tim Fitak, Carl Goran Forsberg, Alec Fraser, David French, Ray Funk, Bill Gaffield, Vince Giordano, David Giovannoni, Lawrence Gushee, Len Guttridge, Lynn Harrell, Phil Hawkins, Jeff Healey, Bill Hebden, the Henry Ford Museum, Laurens Hertzdahl, Stan Hester, Steve Hester, Bob Hilbert, Don Hill, the late Milt Hinton, James Clifton Holman, Jr., Charles Huber, Jimmy Hughes, the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, Tomaz Jardim, Dave Jessup, Ken Jobling, Richard J. Johnson, Graham Johnstone, Reide Kaiser, Brad Kay, Ted Kendall, Michael Keiffer, Jack King, Shirley Klett, Dimitrios Kogamihalis, Gus Kuhlman, Pierre Landaiche, Bob Lang, Robert Langmuir, Steven Lasker, Stephen LaVere, Joan Layne, John Leifert, Jack Litchfield, Dave Lomax, Betty Long, Avery Kenneth Loposer, Jr., Rainer Lotz, Berna Love, Murray J. Lucas, Karl Machat, Craig Maier, Melinda May, Michael May, Kerry McCoy, Bobbie McLaine, Mary Ann [Mosiello] McLean, Preston Meeks, Bill Mikos, Eugene Miller, Keith Miller, Mark Miller, Roger Misiewicz, Leon Monrose, Mike Montgomery, Joe Moore, Dave Morgan, Dan Morgenstern, Richard Noblett, Michael O’Keefe, Ted O’Reilly, Gib O’Shaughnessy, Joel O’Sickey, John Otto, Stephen Paget, Joy Pan, Nicholas Pellizzi, Tom Pletcher, the late Frank Powers, the late Donald Pritchard, Jim Prohaska, Bruce Boyd Raeburn, Dick Raichelson, Howard Rasch, Paul Rene, Richard Rudy, Donna Addison Rusher, Brian Rust, Jack Sadler, Duncan Schiedt, Andreas Schmauder, Don Scotland, Steve Shapiro, Malcolm Shaw, Jim Shepherd, Marika Sherwood, Russ Shor, Joe Showler, Steve Smith, Paul Solarski, Dick Spottswood, Randall G. Stehle, Susan Starkie, Dave Stewart, Ken Swerilas, John Tecklenburg, Larry Tedder, Jutta Thiel, Bill Thompson, Helge Thygesen, Sherman Tolen, Peter Tortomas, Jack Towers, George Tselos, Tom Tsotsi, Sherrie Tucker, Ate van Delden, Alex van der Tuuk, Nicholas Vitalo, Jr., Sylvon Von-Der-Pool, Steve Walker, Mark Wanamaker, Arthur L. Webb, Daphne Weekes, Sabine Weinert, Kurt Weisbecker, Pete Whelan, Rick Whiting, Bert Whyatt, Ross Wilby, Ray Wile, James K. Williams, the late John “Buddy” Williams, Lise Winer, Ralph Wondraschek, Marilyn Wong, Raymond Wolff, Laurie Wright, Herb Young, Louis Zelenka, Art Zimmerman.