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John R.T. Davies - President Emeritus

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John R. T. Davies (1927-2004)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our partner and mentor, John R.T. Davies. John has been our President since the inception of Jazz Oracle in 1994, and his constant support and incredible effort have brought the label to where it now stands, as the world's premier reissue program devoted to vintage jazz and hot dance music.

When John joined us in this venture, he hoped to build a label which would continue to preserve the music he loved long after he could no longer do so himself. We are determined to carry on the work, despite the fact that it will inevitably be much more difficult without his assistance, inspiration and enthusiasm.

- John Wilby and Colin Bray

John R.T. - some personal reminiscences

John R.T. - One of a kind

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